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Crios exhaust mod

Has anyone ever done the crios mod to your stock boxster exhaust?  Just found about this on some forums and was wondering if any members have tried this. If so how did it work and does it change the sound that much cause it sounds pretty good on the videos. 



Clicking sound at low RPM.

Hello everybody. . New to the club and also first time Porsche owner. (Finally).  I was just wondering if anybody knows about the clicking noise I have at low rpm. Most everything I've read says it normal. Previous owner also said it was normal and did it while he owned it too. (Very meticulous owner). it goes away about 3800 to 4000 rpm. Just kinda wanted to see if anybody in the club thought  

Thanks and hope to meet some members face to face.



2005 Boxster IMS info gathering

I'm presently researching whether or not to take preventive measures on my 2005 Boxster engine as regards to IMS.  I would greatly appreciate talking with someone in the know.  Thanks,  Jeff

Engine misfire on all bank 1 cylinders with lifter rattle.

I have a 99 Boxster 2.5L with 150,000 (IMS bearing upgrade already done).  It misfires on the passanger side. P001 p002 p003 are the codes I am getting. Also, if I hold the throttle for a second or two, past 1200 rpm, I get this loud rattle/ clatter noise. NOT rod knock but maybe a few bad lifters? It won't do it if I blip the throttle, but only when I hold it. Here are a list of things I have replaced to try and fix the misfiring. 

1. Spark plugs

2. MAF sensor

3. O2 sensors ALL 4

IMS Bearing Replacement for 2004 Boxster S

I have a 2004 Boxster S that I purchased new, and I have had vitually no reliability problems. However, years ago I received paperwork for a class action settlement covering the car, in the "event" of an IMS bearing failure (not a recall). Seems Porsche would pay on a sliding scale of mileage and years of service only if a failure occured. This totally favored Porsche, as the cars tend to stay low mileage, so that the settlement in effect times out. That has happened in my case.

Pop sound after shifting out of 3rd followed by an oil leak.




Just had the 50k service done and all was well.  Was driving yeasteday and shifting from 3rd to 4th heard a pop sound..  drove back to work about a Mile away.  A co worker noticed white smoke coming out of left side of car.  Came out a few hours later to find a large puddle of oil under the car.  Had it towed home.

The car gets towed on Monday to the garage.  Anybody had a similar experience or idea what might have happened? 




My 2003 Boxster will, at times, smoke when first started. 84,000 miles

My 2003 base Boxster started smoking for a moment when I start the car the first time. IT does not do it every start and, when it does,  it is only for the first second the car startes.


Long crank on cold start with 2014 Boxster

My 2014 Boxster struggles to start on cold start....It takes a longer than normal crank to start my car on cold start in the winter months or in temperatures lower than approximately 45 degrees F. Or it will take a couple of normal cranks to start the car on cold start. The car starts fine in the summer or warmer temperatures. The car also starts normally during the winter months when it has been started after the first time for the day. Last year, it took my car 2-3 cranks to get it started on cold start.


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