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Fuel System

HELP!!! 98 Boxster Bucking/Misfires at various throttle ranges

Hello, I have been scouring multiple forums to try and find a fix for this issue but am not having any luck.

98 Porsche Boxster with 96k miles

Surging and bucking under various throttle loads
Some smoke from tailpipe
Increased fuel consumption

How to check fuel pump pressure

My Boxster Idel's pretty rough would like to check fuel pressure  02'  2.7  Boxster

I was getting a “blowing over a coke bottle” sound from my 2000 Boxster S. I changed the fuel filler vent valve and gas cap but the sound is still there. Squeezing a blue “check valve” makes it go away. Thoughts on how to fix?

I was getting a "blowing over soda bottle" sound from my Boxster S.  I changed the fuel filler vent valve and gas cap but the sound is still there.  I noticed that when I squeeze what looks like a blue "check valve" on the line the noise stops.  I don't know how to change the check valve or why that would cause the sound.  Anyone else have this problem?  Thoughts and suggestions?

Troubleshoot Crank No Start

  1. Left car unused for 2 weeks; was running fine prior.
  2. Crank No Start. Cranking sounds fast & strong with new battery.
  3. Battery was boaderline as won't charge past 95% with smart charger & voltage drops to 11.2 V after 2 days with negative post disconnected. Replaced battery with larger model.
  4. Jumpered the Fuel Pump relay pins & cannot hear pump with fuel cap off, with key to On or Crank positions - no pump sound.
  5. No Codes show on Durametric diag.

2000 Boxster 986 P1502

My 2000 Boxster appears to be in limp mode. No CEL, the scanner shows code 1502. I can clear the code and the car runs perfectly.  The problem returns after a restart. The car is a 5 speed

I have replaced the throttle body. The problem remains



Engine idle hunting and Check engine light came on. .codes codes 1128 and 1130. Drove

Check engine light came on. Due for 60 K service. Took to my Indy mechanic. Replaced plugs, coils, engine air filter cabin filter, flushd brake and clutch fluid. Replaced engine mount and reset codes. Codes 1128 and 1130. Drove home, car began to idle hunt and check engine light came back on. Took back replaced air mass meter. Drove engine light came on same codes. Took back replaced breather air oil separator and spark plug tubes. Drove engine light came on, same codes.Took back replaced vapor canister vent and gas cap. Drove check engine light came on same codes.


Hi Pedro: Is it ok to switch among brands of top tier gas or better to stick with just one? Thank you. Andrew

Fuel additive

I have a 2003 boxster. Should I use a fuel additive to clean sparks and injectors? I am new to Porsche. Thanks.


I have an Oxg Sensor Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2 issue. The Readout says P2272, P2273 What can I expect the cost to replace this and is it two sensors that are bad?

The Readout says Oxygen Sensor Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2

P2272 , P2273

What can I expect to pay to replace this (2?) sensor and how hard it it to do myself and how will I idenify which sensor (s) is faulty?


Is there a part number that I can use?



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