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Heating and Ventilation

Water dripping on passenger side

Went out today for about a 3 hour drive.  The last half hour my wife felt water dripping on her legs on the passenger side.  I checked under the glove box and felt wet but more like condensation....   Any recommendations suggestions etc...

99 Boxter 2.5 ac compressor seemed noisy. Added refrigerant and lubricant, now until doesn't cool at all. Compressor cycles on and off.

AC compressor seemed noisy, but cooled OK.  I added refrigerant/lube oil, now it does't work at all.  I used Auto Zone charger, gauge read "Low".  Compressor now cycles on off when turned on, but no cooling.

Driver side Temperature switch will not work, temp. keeps rolling back to 61 deg.

1. Temp switch on drivers side all of a sudden will not turn Temperature down. You could turn temp up but not down. 

2. Now when I turn the temperature up is just returns to 61 deg.

3. The passenger side still works. 

My 1999 Porsche Boxster does not cool. A/C is not working.

My 1999 Porsche Boxster does not cool. I noticed this after I had the battery replaced by a local shop.

Prior to this, I noticed that pieces of disintegrating dark foam would blow out from the A/C vents and into my car. It still does.

Ventation Problems

Hi Pedro,

Help. My Boxster is a hotbox!

My 986sS Air Conditioning controls stopped working, display shows 71 degrees and cannot change, can this be fixed.

A/C controls are stuck at 71, can make fan speed go up or down and display shows manual but fan vent paths do not show when pushing any of the buttons (defrost, center, or floor).  Can this be fixed or is a new unit required.


Air Vent popped out of dash

Was trying to fix vent and it popped out of dash can’t get it seated properly.  In addition the linkage between the vents came off.  I have all parts and pieces can’t get the linkage on or seated correctly.   Vent above radio for reference.  

Vacuum Purge and Refill Tool

I'm trying to refill the cooling system after replacing te water pump using a Vacuum Purge and Refill /tool.  Since the beast did not come with any kind of instructions, to properly feed and pressureize the system, how many PSI should I set my compressor to.  I have read that the compressor can be set to 80-90 PSI, but since the pressure bleeder valve in the system is designed to pop off at approximately 1 BAR, 14.7 PSI, 80-90 seems way over the top.  Has anyone refilled and oressurized their own system and what pressure setting did they set their compressor to feed air into the system?


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