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Trying to find a used sun visor.

My sun visor lost its tension to keep it up. DC automotive in NC can't come up with one. Other than going to the dealer, does anyone have any ideas where I might find one?  Pedro, thank you for your original thought of going to DC. They're good people and I'm sure they'll be a tremendous resource in the future. 

Illuminated sun visor mirror covers

I have a 2001 Boxster with illuminated sun visor mirrors. However, the covers/lids for the mirrors have broken off with prior owner and I do not have the covers/lids. Have been searching just for the covers/lids online with no luck. Have seen site that makes these lids through 3-D printing. I really don't want to spend hundreds for complet visor or even mirror assembly. I just need the covers/lids even if the tabs are broken off. I believe I can fix tabs. Does anyone have any suggestions?

M441 or M490 System?

Hi, I need to replace my dash speaker(s) on my 2004 base with Bose. Pelican offers options based on M441 or M490 anyone able to tell me what version I will need to buy?

1998 boxster base ashtray light

I noticed the other night when I was driving my ashtray light was on and the console was very hot to the touch. My qustion is does this tray have a switch when I close it that turns that light inside off?  Does that light shut off? I never really paid attention to it until now. If it does have a switch what do I have to troubleshoot?

Sticky radio knobs on 2002 Boxster

I thought I saw a solution to the sticky substance on radio knobsin our 2002 Boxster. Oddly on only one knob. What can I use to get this off?

Any DYI repairs for Sand Beige interior trim on a 2007 Boxster S? Ashtray and center console paint is flaking off

Are there any repairs/touchups that I can do for the interior center console trim? Paint on the ashtray and other areas are wearing and the Sand color is flaking off revealing the black plastic underneath? Did a bit of an online search and didn't find much info...thanks!

convertible roof brace rattle

I have a rattle in roof brace assembly that show up at 40 mph and higher.  I can reach behind and put slight pressure on the brace and the rattle stops.

anyone had similar issue and found a solution?

Sun Visor, the visor moves up and down but not side to side.


Sun Visor can't be moved to the side, try and you will break the clasp, why. Can a new clasp be filled down and replace the one in the car?



Any instructions on how to remove roll bar covers on 2013 Boxster

looking to remove the soft trim covering the screws that hold the roll bar covers in place. Should I start prying it off in the middle or at the clips that hold the windscreen in place. Any step by step instructions appreciated----don't want to snap the cover.


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