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No power to front trunk light


I noticed that the interior light in the front trunk would not illuminate when the trunk was opened.  Through investigation, I found that the plug had no power. Where is the sensor that turns that light on?  In the hood release mechanism?  I couldn't find the fuse for the light.  All of the rest of the interior lights work including the rear trunk.  Any ideas?





Gauge Cluster Repair/Replacement

Last week the On Board Computer Display (digital speedometer, etc.) went dim. It is not completely out but is unreadable except in darkness. All other cluster functions work normally. The local dealer quoted $4500 for a new replacement saying they cannot be repaired. I contacted several shops that do this work but they agreed with the dealer (mostly due to lack of parts availability). So my choices are:

Auto Memory setting missing

I have a 2019 Boxster GTS (just delivered, ordered in APR.2018) with Entry & Drive, 18-way seats, and Memory Pkg and it seems like I have been having problems with memory settings. Not sure exactly what is happening but some times settings seem to revert or change. Reading the manual hardcopy manual and the online manual (both seem to be for 2018s) show that there is an "Auto Memory" setting under the Locking menu that writes the current settings, when ignition is turned off, to the key.

Is there any way to repair the latch on the cupholder door?

The cupholder door won't latch.  OK.  Correction, it won't latch until I try is 50 times until I get lucky.  This happened a year or two ago and I found a forum that instructed me how to remove the cupholder assembly and clean out the old grease in the latch mechanism and that solved the problem for a while.  It have a feeling the white nylon catch is worn out.  Is there any known fix for this condition or am I stuck buying a new assembly for $400+?

broken console glove box lid hinge

The hinge on the console glove box lid is broken.  This means that when the glove box is opened, the lid is not anchored to the console and is totally unattached to the console.  It looks like the hinge is an integral part of the console.  Obviously I don't want to have to replace the entire console. 

Is there a work around for this issue, sort sort of replacement hinge which can be fitted without replacement of the entire console.

Thanks to all for any replies.  pbh

Door panel separation

Right after my factory warranty expired, I noticed that the passenger door panel was separating and lifting away from the door sill. I could ignore it since it was the passenger side, but now the driver side is lifting away too. My car is mostly garaged but parked outdoors some days. Looking online, it seems this problem has been reported in 2012-2014 Porsches. Is there any way to reattach the panels or otherwise fix the separation without purchasing entire new door panels?

Leather Cleaning Products For Ventilated Seats

Any advice on cleaning leather ventilated seats?  Any specific products, brushes, etc. appreacited.

Rear Water Drains

After a recent heavy rain event, I found water on the floor behind the passenger seat. I was told that the rear water drains could be clogged so I fashioned a metal hangar into a straight wire and tried reaming the drain hole. At first the hangar went just a little ways into the drain (by the way, the hangar went all the way down the drain hole on the driver side), after some work, the hangar went thru and I noticed quite a bit of dirt on the floor of the garage in the general area of where the drain hole should be above the dirt.


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