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Passenger window problems.

 My 2007 Boxster S is having a problem with the passenger side window.  First when opening the door from outside the car the window is not dropping all of the way to clear the convertible roof. Second, when I put the convertible top down, the window drops as it should but when the convertible top is put all the way down, the window lowers to the completely down position rather than returning back up like the drivers side. I can however manually raise the window all the way back up by using the window control.

Raid/Atiwe Steering Wheel on my 986

I recently purchased a beautiful Atiwe Steering Wheel (AKA Raid Steering Wheel) for my 986 Boxster S from EBay, but the AirBag Light would not go off after installation.  Gert from Carnewal in Belgium said I need to use a special connector and to remove the Porsche connector and use his.  My Porsche repair shop does not want to do this, but Carnewal swears that he has been selling these for years and has had no complaints.


Can I add a rear view mirror with auto dimming to 986 s 2000 and/or to a 2006 987 Cayman S.

2000 boxster Sun visor install

I will be installing a new drivers side Sun visor in my 2000 boxster and need to know what issues I should be concerned about on removing the old one and installing the new one. Please advise on how to do.

Boxster power seat removal

The power seat switches in my 1999 Boxster are broken, and I can only move the seats in one direction. Therefore, I cannot get to all of the mounting bolts so that I can remove the seats. Is there any way to move the seats manually forwards and backwards? Is there a release somewhere? Any help would be very appreciated.


Installing a race seat and 5 point in a 2001 Boxster S.

Pedro, looking to install a race seat in my boxster S for DE, triing to find a harness bar to install the 5 point harness properly. 

Looked a Brey Krausse roll bar extension but this does nothing to help with the harness installation. I'm not tall so installing the seat low in the car will allow me to use it without adding the extension. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



Boxster Seat Adjuster

I just picked up a new-to-me '99 Boxster with less than 30,000 miles. After the transporter dropped it off, i climbed in to drive the short distance to our house. To my horror, with the seat fully back, my knees were wedged behind the steering wheel and my head was ready to tear thru the roof. The drive home was less than smooth.

How do you tell what type of material my convertible top is made from?

Need to know the material type of my top so I can clean it. Please let me know if there is a label or number that will describe it. This our first Porsche an want to make sure we clean the material right.

What is the best way to deal with 2004 Boxster Seat Covers?

My seats are in pretty good shape however, they do show wrinkles and creases in the leather.   What should I do?  Do you know of a way to rejuvenate them?  Or should it be reupholstered?  If the latter, then name some good places to get them.





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