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broken console glove box lid hinge

The hinge on the console glove box lid is broken.  This means that when the glove box is opened, the lid is not anchored to the console and is totally unattached to the console.  It looks like the hinge is an integral part of the console.  Obviously I don't want to have to replace the entire console. 

Is there a work around for this issue, sort sort of replacement hinge which can be fitted without replacement of the entire console.

Thanks to all for any replies.  pbh

Door panel separation

Right after my factory warranty expired, I noticed that the passenger door panel was separating and lifting away from the door sill. I could ignore it since it was the passenger side, but now the driver side is lifting away too. My car is mostly garaged but parked outdoors some days. Looking online, it seems this problem has been reported in 2012-2014 Porsches. Is there any way to reattach the panels or otherwise fix the separation without purchasing entire new door panels?

Leather Cleaning Products For Ventilated Seats

Any advice on cleaning leather ventilated seats?  Any specific products, brushes, etc. appreacited.

Rear Water Drains

After a recent heavy rain event, I found water on the floor behind the passenger seat. I was told that the rear water drains could be clogged so I fashioned a metal hangar into a straight wire and tried reaming the drain hole. At first the hangar went just a little ways into the drain (by the way, the hangar went all the way down the drain hole on the driver side), after some work, the hangar went thru and I noticed quite a bit of dirt on the floor of the garage in the general area of where the drain hole should be above the dirt.

Will a 2006 Cayman cupholder assembly work on a 2006 Boxster S?

Looking for a cup holder assembly for a 2006 Boxster S.  Have located a 2006 Cayman cup assembly.  Are the interchangeable?

Passenger window problems.

 My 2007 Boxster S is having a problem with the passenger side window.  First when opening the door from outside the car the window is not dropping all of the way to clear the convertible roof. Second, when I put the convertible top down, the window drops as it should but when the convertible top is put all the way down, the window lowers to the completely down position rather than returning back up like the drivers side. I can however manually raise the window all the way back up by using the window control.

Raid/Atiwe Steering Wheel on my 986

I recently purchased a beautiful Atiwe Steering Wheel (AKA Raid Steering Wheel) for my 986 Boxster S from EBay, but the AirBag Light would not go off after installation.  Gert from Carnewal in Belgium said I need to use a special connector and to remove the Porsche connector and use his.  My Porsche repair shop does not want to do this, but Carnewal swears that he has been selling these for years and has had no complaints.


Can I add a rear view mirror with auto dimming to 986 s 2000 and/or to a 2006 987 Cayman S.


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