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convertible roof brace rattle

I have a rattle in roof brace assembly that show up at 40 mph and higher.  I can reach behind and put slight pressure on the brace and the rattle stops.

anyone had similar issue and found a solution?

Sun Visor, the visor moves up and down but not side to side.


Sun Visor can't be moved to the side, try and you will break the clasp, why. Can a new clasp be filled down and replace the one in the car?



Any instructions on how to remove roll bar covers on 2013 Boxster

looking to remove the soft trim covering the screws that hold the roll bar covers in place. Should I start prying it off in the middle or at the clips that hold the windscreen in place. Any step by step instructions appreciated----don't want to snap the cover.

Glovebox latch

I have a broken latch on the glovebox of my 2013 Boxster S.  According to my local dealer, my only option is to replace the entire glovebox.  I think that’s rather wasteful and expensive, so I’ve removed the box and attempted to get access to the latch to no avail.  I cannot find any screws that would allow the removal of the lid facing and would appreciate any advice you could offer.  Thanks in advance.


Boxster Sun Visor

981 and newer Boxsters do not allow Sun Visor to swivel.  NOT SAFE.  When driving with FL sun aside... impairs vision. Anyone know of a fix or a formal complaint to Porsche?  Please advise. THANKS

Inner Door Sill Replacement

I'm replacing the original, damaged Inner Door Sill on my Boxster S (Part number 997-551-019-04-A03).  It's the part with the two electrical switches to unlock the trunk and frunk.  The problem is that the originally installed part has two separate wiring harnesses and plugs leading to it - one electrical connector per switch.  The new, updated replacement version Porsche sells has only one electrical connector (four pin) to serve both switches.  The problem lies in finding the part number for the required four pin, male connector to plug into the new part.  If I have that I can rewire acco

Are there Led replacement bulbs for the frunk and trunk light sockets



Looking to replace frunk and trunk lights with LEDs. Please recommend, does wiring need to be updated or special sockets?


Thank you


Is Porsche doing anything for owners concerning the warping of door panels on the981 Boxster/Cayman

Is Porsche doing anything for the owners of 2013-2017 981 Boxster and Caymens whose door panels are warping away for the top of the door at the windows? I’ve seen many complaints about it, but Porsche seems to be relegating the issues to the dealers, though it’s obviously a fabrication/manufacturing issue. 

One shouldn’t expect a five year old car that’s been garaged in Northern California to need the interior door panels replaced at a cost of $5,000.

Vibration in Steering Wheel at Idle

Hi everyone,

I have a 2013 Porsche Boxster S with about 40,000 miles.  The car was running fine.  Even so, Porsche maintenace suggested a significant maintenance check at 40,000 miles which I did.  I am the original owner.

After the service, I notice a pronounced vibration in the steering wheel. I thought it was caused by the new tires (Pirelli P Zero) I also had installed.  The dealer re-balanced and load tested the tires.  One new tire was bad as evidenced by a load test. That tire was replaced and, again, the dealer re-balanced the tires.


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