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extended warranty Boxster 2013

Are extended warranties available for 2013 Boxster 7700 miles easily certifiable as in excellent condition.

Recommendations for 986 Boxster top repair

My 02 boxster's top hasn't weathered the past few weeks well and a portion of the plastic window detached from the seem holding it to the top. Any recommendation on where to get a Boxster top with a glass window?

Boxster Headlights

i have a 2001 Boxster. The headlights are looking tired! I read some where these lights have no vents and the heat buildup causes this condition. What options do I have in replacing these lights and lenses?  Is there an option to vent the replacement lights?Also is this a diy job? Thanks for your help!

Reliability, usual problems and value

I am looking at buying a 2008 boxster S with about 58000 miles in San Antonio.

1st - Whats a good price

2nd - What are the usual problems to look at for

3rd - The wife wants to know its reliability

Please answer when able.  I am itching to buy.

It is not a RS.  Sadly.

Thanks, DJC

BTW, it will be #1 Porsche buy.  I'm wicked excited...

Who do you recommend for Air Con Leak Diagnosis?

Hi Folks,

My air con stopped working recently. Needed a recharge.

Recharge done. System retained pressure while garaged for three weeks. Decided to take a long trip :-)

Three hours into journey, no cooling. Pressure check revealed no coolant pressure, i.e. a leak.

I have a done a lot of work on the car myself, and enjoy it. When I need specialist help, I use a local indy Porsche shop who are excellent. I will obviously consult with them, but who do you trust with an open ended investigation like this?

Your help would be very much appreciated.

LED lighting for PORSCHE logo on the back of 718 boxster S


I'm wondering if there are any kits out there to change the Porsche logo on the rear of my boxster to an LED logo... similar concept to the mercedes LED logo, but I want to light up the "PORSCHE" on the back.  That would look really cool.  :)

Thank you,


New England Winters

Which is better for the car-store it for the winter or keep it on the road and drive it when the weather is acceptable? Thanks.

Window clearance hitting the roof.

When iside the car I go to open my driver's side door the window drops a small amount but not enough to clear the converible top. I manually lower the window to open the door. If I attempt to open the converible top when the windows are fully closed, generally the window drops before the roof opens. This operation no longer works. Also, when I want to enter the car and lift the door handle the window drops 1/4 inch but not enough to clear the roof. Looking to know what the issue might be and an estimate of what this might cost me to repair. Thank you, SG


As a member of PCA, does our membership give us the opportunity to set up an account with Porsche's PIWIS TSI?

If so, can you provide a tutorial for setting up this account?


Ben Beverly


2006 Boxster wind deflector rattle at speed

I recently purchased a 2006 Boxster S. At speed the wind screen rattles. Our 1998 986 did not rattle. Is there anything I can do. I have removed and reinstalled the plastic glass, also put some tape at the bottom to rest on-slight improvement.. I have searched but did not find any article refererencing "boxster wind deflector"



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