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Temperature warning lite flashes

This is an odd one and happened one time back in July and again this morning on my drive to work. Each time it was just after starting the car and driving for just a few minutes. With the engine still cold the red warning light on the temperature gauge starts flashing slowly. So I pull over, shut the car off and wait a few minutes then restart and it goes off and it's all good. Drove to work (about 1 hr drive) temp holds at 180 without incident, car runs great. Is this a fluke or some type of warning of things to come??

compatible antifreeze for 2000 Boxster s

my recently purchased 2000 Boxster S must stay in Pinetop, AZ, elev.

part order





passenger air bag sensor warning light

is on, took to dealer and was told that

part 99752130120 left  aws senor 

on pass seat rail is defective , 

no parts are available in usa , 

can be special ordered from germany

with uncertain fulfillment time

please advise alternate strategies 





How do I get the compass back?

On a road trip a horizontal compass appeared on the screen in the speedo head, probably in the one entitled "Vehicle", but I'm not sure.   We had it every day of the two week/2,500 mile trip.  I loved it but can't find a reference in the manual nor can I figure it out by hunting and pecking.  Ideas?

R & R Power steering pump ‘07 987

Dear PCA

I have identified the noise from my engine compartment as eminating from the power steering pump. Removing the serpentine belt and spinning the pump pulley by hand replicates the noise with the engine running. The noise is becoming progressively louder, so the time is now. 

My mechanic skills are very much above average, but because of the hydraulics and tight working quarters, I  wonder if I should undertake this project...? Is it an extremely difficult operation?

Greg Z

operating temperature

When I purchased the car the previous owner had installed custom screens over the air intake scoops on the front of the car. He said they didn't affect operation or temp. After driving the car regurally and putting on 1200 + miles it seems to be ok. Temperature gauge comes up to the 180 mark with the needle settling out on the Zero fo the 180 and it holds there. I would guess the water temp is around 195 - 200 at that point given the next mark is 250. I removed them to see if it would make a difference and it does not.

Pittsburgh area PPI recommendation

Looking for a recommendation of a reputable shop in the Pittsburgh area that can perform a thorough PPI on a 2015 Boxster GTS. Your insight and assistance is appreciated.

Why are PCA events so outside the reach of regular working people?

This isn't really a technical question, it is, in fact more an organizational question.

I've attended zero events in my region for two reasons.

#1, they are primarily of no interest to me. Not a Wine fan.

#2, the times of cars and coffee events are ludicrous. Those of us who work for a living can't simply take the day off to go buy a bad coffee.

It would be great if our leadership were real working people instead of lawyers and politicians with other people's money to burn. My Porsche

2003 Boxster S Driver's window

I recently acquired a 2003 Boxster S.  The driver's side window goes up and down when I raise or lower the top.  The driver's side windo does not lower when I unlock or open the door.with the top up.  While the door is open I can gently push down and lower the window.  When I close the door the window will raise to the proper postion.  I question if this is regulator propblem as it seems to function properly when raising or lowering the convertable top.  Could this be a door switch issue?

Thank you for your good support.


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