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Boxster back window falling off

My back window has detached from it's strip and is "drooping". An upholstery guy said it can't be fixed because when that happens it means the top has stretched therefore it needs a whole new top ($1300.00 + labor) Is he right? Or can the top be reglued?

Reduce Remus exhaust drone on 05 Boxster

I just bought a 2005 987.1 Boxster Base and it is a great car!  It has a Remus dual exhaust added by the prior owner to boost Hp but there is too much cabin drone for me.  It occurs between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm which is where I spend a lot of time with my driving style.  Is there a reasonable fix to reduce drone without replacing the whole exhaust system?  Replacing the mufflers?  Adding one (or two) resonators?  I don't want to just add sound deadening fabric to the underside of the vehicle as some have suggested.  I want to alter the exhaust to significantly reduce drone.  Any ideas?

Where do I obtain an owners manual for a 1999 Boxster?

First time Porsche owner. Just bought '99 Boxster. Did not come with an owners manual and only came with one key. Help. Thanks! Bart

Paper "filters" in Boxster water drains

I had water flood into the passenger compartment and the dealer found that several of the body drains were clogged.  These were the drains sort of behind the side air inlet, and the cause of the clog (aside from the debris) was slips of paper that seem to have been there as a filter but he said that they had no part number and showed up on none of their schematics.  He tested two other Boxsters he had there (at least one was a different model year) and they also have the paper slips.  He said that with the paper there it was almost sure to clog because while water might find its way through

how is the plastic rivet holding the gas cap tether best removed?

The tether to the gas cap broke; I have the replacement as well as the small plastic rivet that secures the tether to the door bracket. How is this best removed without damage to the surounding paint area?

Owner's Manual needed

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know where I can get a pdf owner's manual for my 2000 Boxster S? All the replacement hard copies I've found are ridiculously expensive.


Suggested Porsche Maintenance

I have a 2016 Boxster Spyder with less than 6,000 miles.  The car was delivered to me, new, in Fall, 2015 - so, now 5 years old.  For most of the year, the car sits in my garage on a battery tender.

My dealer is recommended that, notwithstanding the low mileage, they perform the first major service, which includes, among other things, replacing spark plugs.  Cost for this service is about $1,700.00

Ever solved this creaking noise in 2013 Boxster?

A creaking noise forward of the driver generally comes and goes when it wants, but seems to be affected by changes in the pitch of a car - e.g. going uphill over downhill.   I think it sounds like something sliding against something else.  A well respected Porsche mechanic could hear it but after 7 hours gave up the search.  Any ideas

Canyou help me? 99 bosxter 986 code 1124 and 1126

Changeed AOS, MAS, Tubes, Spark Plugs, Coils Oil and oil filter and the codes still coming up. The longest was after 60 Miles. Can you help?????  Thanks!!!



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