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exhaust removal problems...HELP!

I am at wit's end...several days in, many hours invested trying to remove the center pipe from the flange of the exhaust manifolds. One bolt on the top is welded in, nothing on the other side...corroded away, one nut and the protruding stud on the bottom is snapped of and one nut came free.. I can't get the flange free. cant get the studs to budge.
penetrating oil and torch have proved ineffective.
anyone have any advice? I am scared to attempt removing the manifolds, although the bolts look pretty good, surface rust and such.
Look at this debacle.

Cooling System hose and clamp replacement

My car has the original hoses and clamps. I do most of my own work and need a complete list of hoses and clamps to do the job. Can you direct me to an online source or vendor to purchase them? The nearest Porsche dealer is 120 miles away. Thank you.

HID conversion

I have a 2001 Boxster with halogens. Reflector style. I want to convert to HID. There are many options on the aftermarket. I cannot decide which brand I want to use. I know there are pros and cons to doing this, buit my halogens are terrible. Any advice on which brand HID conversion kit to go with or any other suggestions concerning improving headlights. Other than replacing whole assembly.

How do I go about getting a copy of my car's original window sticker?

I just purchased a Boxster S from Earth Motorcars and they didnt have an original window sticker.  I was looking for a copy.

Repair convertible top delamination

Original convertible top has delaminated under rear window where it meets the body. It now sags in that area. Can it be repaired?

Locking system and proper window function when opening and closing doors

The red light showing the locking system is on and the auto lowering of the windows when opening the doors does not work.  However, the problem is depending on the ambient temperature.  If the temp is below 34 deg F the system and windows function properly when opening and closing the doors and the red light is off.  If the ambient temp is greater then 34 deg F the windows do not function when opening and closing the doors and the red light on the lock button is on.  Interior temp has no effect on the systems.

Code P1117

My check engine light came on. The code is P1117. Which indicates an O2 sensor is bad. Can you help me determine where the sensor is located? Which side of the car?

P1117 Oxygen Sensor Heating 1 After Catalytic Converter - Below Lower Limit

What service is required when Service Now message shows briefly on On-Board Computer when starting engine?

I recently purchased a 2006 Boxster S and I’ve noticed a Service Now message briefly displayed on the On-Board Computer at engine startup.  With the detail provided in the owner’s manual, I’ve attempted to find through the On-Board Computer operation, controls, functions and display possibilities what specific service is required, with no success.  Because the message is only on briefly at startup, should I assume there is no specific service required at this time, or can you show me how to find within the On-Board Computer what service is triggering the Service Now message at startup?

Check lights indicators

I Hi 

I've changed all lights in the car to LED 

everything works fine 

the only thing is that the check lights indicator comes up on the gage to all lights

is there a kit or other way to eliminate the check lights indicators 






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