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Buzz at 3000 rpm

My 718 Boxster S has an audible buzz between about 2900-3000 rpm. It is only in this rpm range and only happens when the car is either accelerating or at steady speed. I do not hear it when decelerating. The sound is metallic, like an electric shaver or metal fan blades hitting something. The dealer tech checked the exhaust and all brackets etc seem to be secure. They acknowledged the sound but chalked it up as normal. I find it hard to believe that it's normal.. but either way I'm wondering what it could be.

1998 Boxster 2.5 to 2001 2.7 Engine Swap Upgrade

Hi Members, 

I'd appreciate as much feedback from experts in the process and the steps required to swap in a 2001 Boxster 2.7L engine in my 98 Boxster 2.5L (58K, Tiptronic Automatic.) I selected this 01 2.7 engine (see image below) to HOPEFULLY make this swap easy for the shop.   I purchased a 01 Boxster engine 2.7L from a manual donor veh,.  The motor was delivered.  The shop will begin the engine swap process Tuesday. 

Radio won't stay off.

When I exit the vehicle I turn off the radio.  When I get in and start the vehicle the  radio comes on automatically.  this occurs at other times as well.  what setting is available to me to get the radio to stay off when turned off until I choose to turn it on?

Any hope for 2004 Boxster flooded by Hurricane Harvey?

Hi Tech Experts.

My 2004 Boxster was a victim of Hurrican Harvey, and exposed to water above the hood line.  Is there any hope to restore this vehicle?  Any advice appreciated.


Porsche service at non-Porsche dealer - will this void original factory or CPO warranty?

I have read that in order to maintin the integrity of the warranty (both original factory and CPO) all scehduled maintenance must be performed by a Porsche certified service center.  Is this true, I have heard others say it is not - just keep your receipts.  I am ready for intermediate service and the dealer wants almost $800 to do the work.  




New Top 2001 Boxster S

To avoid the top of the engine access problems that Frank M is experiencing, should I be specific and order a new top for a 2003 Boxster. Will a  2003 top with a glass window fit my 2001 car and allow complete access to the top of the engine. From what I have read I need atop with 4 bows. 


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