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Window clearance hitting the roof.

When iside the car I go to open my driver's side door the window drops a small amount but not enough to clear the converible top. I manually lower the window to open the door. If I attempt to open the converible top when the windows are fully closed, generally the window drops before the roof opens. This operation no longer works. Also, when I want to enter the car and lift the door handle the window drops 1/4 inch but not enough to clear the roof. Looking to know what the issue might be and an estimate of what this might cost me to repair. Thank you, SG


As a member of PCA, does our membership give us the opportunity to set up an account with Porsche's PIWIS TSI?

If so, can you provide a tutorial for setting up this account?


Ben Beverly


2006 Boxster wind deflector rattle at speed

I recently purchased a 2006 Boxster S. At speed the wind screen rattles. Our 1998 986 did not rattle. Is there anything I can do. I have removed and reinstalled the plastic glass, also put some tape at the bottom to rest on-slight improvement.. I have searched but did not find any article refererencing "boxster wind deflector"


Surround sound goes on and off intermittently

A few months back I purchased a 2007 Boxster S.  Unfortunately I didn't test the stereo very well.  Regardless if I have the surround sound on low, medium or High. it will go off by itself intermittently.  Sometimes changing stations 'fixes' it and sometimes it doesn't.    Anybody encounter such a problem and/or have an idea as to the problem?  Really would like to avoid replacing the stereo

Buzz at 3000 rpm

My 718 Boxster S has an audible buzz between about 2900-3000 rpm. It is only in this rpm range and only happens when the car is either accelerating or at steady speed. I do not hear it when decelerating. The sound is metallic, like an electric shaver or metal fan blades hitting something. The dealer tech checked the exhaust and all brackets etc seem to be secure. They acknowledged the sound but chalked it up as normal. I find it hard to believe that it's normal.. but either way I'm wondering what it could be.

1998 Boxster 2.5 to 2001 2.7 Engine Swap Upgrade

Hi Members, 

I'd appreciate as much feedback from experts in the process and the steps required to swap in a 2001 Boxster 2.7L engine in my 98 Boxster 2.5L (58K, Tiptronic Automatic.) I selected this 01 2.7 engine (see image below) to HOPEFULLY make this swap easy for the shop.   I purchased a 01 Boxster engine 2.7L from a manual donor veh,.  The motor was delivered.  The shop will begin the engine swap process Tuesday. 


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