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Best struts for US M030 option

2002 Boxster S w/ US M030 factory option. Struts are shot. A lot of differing opinions on what strut will work. Looking at Bilstein B6. Will that work with the US M030 springs? At 92K miles, would the springs be worn enough to need replacement? Mostly weekend fun with occasional DE day.

987.2 Boxster Steering Friction

The steering caster (centering) action at low speeds (say up to 25-30 mph) feels too weak, as if there is high friction in the rack, strut bearings or balljoints.  At higher speeds this feeling goes away and the steering feels quite good.  We know that the car spent long periods in storage (hence the low miles) with the previous owner.  How can we locate and remedy the source of this high friction?

Grease for struts on 2013 BoxsterS

I noticed the top of the front struts on my 2013 Boxster S have some grease applied. I've learned this is to stop some squeaking. What type of grease is this?

Koni Strut fitment

One of my rear struts is leaking and I bought a pair of Koni special active struts to replace them. The Koni's do not want to easily slide into the lower bracket on the wheel assembly like the stock struts. They slide in about half inch on what appears to be a machined collar, then stop. Should I attempt to spread the bracket?  I'm worried that I'll not be able to remove them.






New shock absorbers/struts

Last winters IMS, clutch, and related parts project turned out great. This year I'd like to refresh the shocks and other related hardware while I'm at it. I've always had good results with Bilstiens and they will be my go to unless someone has other suggestions. Not looking to change the ride height or install a track setup. I do take the car to DE's but the majority of my miles are just blasting the back roads.

Needs alignment?

After installing X-71 solid rear anti-sway bar in a PASM manual shift  7400 mileBoxster,  as well as 7mm spacers (front &rear) and Schnell tower struts and rear struts do I need to have alignment rechecked.  Normal low tire wear after one year installed and is only a Sunday spirited.  Plan on alignment with new tires in future.

My 2005 Boxster has a faulty PASM, does it "need" to be replaced or can I somehow override it to the normal setting?

My 2005 Boxster was apparently the first year the boxster was equipped with PASM.   I am getting an error message regarding a faulty PASM,; I have had it checked and apparently the four units attached to the wheels are OK so it appears to be the sensor located inside the wall on the passenger side.

My question is this, do I have to replace it ($$ ??) or can it some how be set permenantly to normal mode.  It is currently set in sport mode and rides like a truck.  It is my wife's car and she doesn't "Push" it, if you know what I mean, so I don't really use the sport mode.  Thanks.

H & R springs

Previous owner put HR lowering kit on my 2000 Boxster at about 75,000 miles.   Now I am having a camber, swaying issue. 

Could the springs be bad or what.....the swaying is in the rear and occurs when changing lanes or grooved all speeds.....but more intense at high speeds.  Could struts be a problem...?   the camber on the rear look like they are more extreme than they used to ....but the tire wear is seemingly straight normal.








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