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Is there a mileage that I should be considering replacing various rubber bushings?

I am graduallty replacing items on my Boxster that wear out over time or from use. The various bushing in the suspension are on my list. Is there a mileage number that I should be looking at not exceeding before I replace the bushings - regardless if the cars is handling well. The car is currently handling well and cornering well.

Bilstein shocks for SPB

There appears to be No More Bilstein shocks available for purchase anymore. I sent a pair of shocks recently to Bilstein to have rebuilt. They have told me that the parts to rebuild are not available and they do not know when and if parts will be available. They are not making new shocks at the moment . If I have a issue with the set I currently have on now, I will be in a bad situation . I am running for points and this really is not a good situation for us. What other suggestions had PCA considered. I herd that WALT has spoken to John Gladwell recently about this same issue.

Minor front end accident 01 986S

Okay, had a kind young fellow make a left hand turn in front of me with his Scion TC, we hit head on at 3mph tops. I lost a bumper cover and driver side headlight. After the uber kind officer realized the price of an old Boxster S bumper cover and headlight assembly, he wrote an accident report. I drove the car after the impact and had a local "normal" alignment  shop check the alignment, all was good (except camber that was off by design) no variation since the corner balance work, yes, coil overs. My paranoid question is if I should even bother with another corner balance.

Anyone know the best place to get a wheel alignment in Delaware?

Looking for a wheel alignment other than a Porsche Dealership. Have not had much success at dealership.

PASM Fault Message on Dash

This vehicle is strictly a pleasure-use vehicle.  I was driving down the road today and the PASM Fault message appeared on the dash with a warning to drive the car carefully.  the warning stayed there for about a half hour.  At one point after that I turned the car off and back on and the Fault code was gone.  Looking in the Owner's Manual, I see notes that I should take the vehicle to a dealer to have it looked at.  The car is under extended Warranty through most of 2018.

Power Steering

Does my car have an electronic power steering?

Power Steering

Does my car have an electronic power steering?

Metallic sounding rattle right front near top of cowl

This issue is driving me crazy and, literally, ruining the ownership experience for me.  I’m used to sports cars (Brits, Italian, German), German sedans (primarily Audi and BMW) and have never run into this kind of problem.  If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

Re:  2014 Boxster

Do you need to perform an alignment after replacing the strut?

I am getting completely oppsite answer from two reputable indy shop that's both recommanded by PCA. One told me that it should always be performed after strut replacement and the other tells me as long as the "bicentric balance" of the car it should be ine. 


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