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Stock suspension to ROW 030

Vehicle Information: Year: 01; Total Mileage: 12500;

I currently have the stock suspension on my 01 Boxster S. I am switching to the Euro spec ROW 030 and was wondering if I have to switch the compression plates or spring plates as I've heard them sometimes called...or are they standard in all the Boxster S suspensions?

Negative Camber for track use

Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 10K;

Suspension Settings

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 l stock; Total Mileage: 46000 km;

Springs and Ride Height

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001;

I'm interested in changing the ride height of the car to more closely match Euro spec, but I'm not especially interested in a full upgrade. My question(s): Can I just change the springs without anything else? Will using RoW standard spec suffice, or must I use RoW sport?

Sability Managment System

Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Total Mileage: 15000;

Assuming one could obtain the parts economically, is it feasible to retrofit a stock stability management system? Does Porsche "prewire" for that option at some point in the production process that would facilitate this?Is it worth doing or is this a dubious option for a dry road only street car anyway?Thanks for your help.

17" wheels on a Boxster

Vehicle Information: Year: xxx;

I have a set of 17" 996 C4 wheels left over from my 996 onwership, which I would like to use on my Boxster (2.5liter). I know the fronts are identical for both the Boxster and the 996, but the rear wheel is 0.5" wider (9J X 17 with vs. 8.5 x 17). I have read in several places on the internet where people have mounted and used the 996 rear wheels on a Boxster without any problems. I know they fit, but come very close to the strut or shock. Can I safely use the 996 rear on a Boxster, or are spacers or other measures needed?


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