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Transmission fluid 1997 Boxter

I was going to change my Transmission fluids and was told not to because of the metal flakes and it could cause more damage than good?

is this true?  


What is the preferred transmission fluid for a Boxster S 6 speed?

I have the transmission out for the IMS bearing and clutch replacement. Figure it's a good time to change the trans oil as I have no idea if it's original. I have used RedLine in past cars but am interested to hear what others fins to be working well.

Engine and Transmission number locations

Where are the engine and transmission numbers located? I am trying to fill out a CoA.

986 Boxster, noise during hard cornering

I have a 1997 Boxster that has developed a noise during hard cornering. I only noticed it during autocrossing, but I can duplicate it in a parking lot by driving in a circle at 15 to 20mph. It seems to be related to unweighting the suspension and occurs turning both directions.
The best way to describe it is, it sounds like when the abs brakes pulsate. It has the exact frequency and vibration as you would feel when the abs brakes are active. Only I am on the throttle hard and not the brakes. The noise/vibration is definitely coming from the rear of the car.

Transmission shifting

Pedro; I have a 2005 Boxster S, I have owned it since 9,000mls and it is now at 18,000mls, over this period, the shifting has always been agricultural but it has not changed. I do not have trouble selecting a gear, although occationally I have trouble getting into 4th, but I think that is me. I don't think I need the cables need to be re-aligned, since I can get into all my gears. However, is there any lubrication / adjustment of the system that can make the shifting not so notchy and more like a sports car should be.

Clutch issue from HPDE day

Hello - New to the club.

I got my first Porsche about 3 months ago - pristine 2004 cobalt blue Boxster.

I love it!

It inspired me to participate in a Track Day at Road America which I highly recommend. 

Heavy clutch pedal but no operational issue on 97 Boxster

I have a 97 Boxster with 45K miles. the car was serviced at the same indy shop I use and when I bought it this spring I verified the previous owner had the IMS bearing replaced with an LN Eng.

PDK is it really a ZF transmission

I have been doing some research on the PDK transmission and I believe it is a ZF  possibly a 7DT-45. Could I be correct?

2nd gear grind

Hello, when my car is cold, sometimes 2nd gear will grind when I shift . I generally shift from 1-3 until the engine warms up. The grind doesn't always happen but is very distrubing. I had the transmission fluid replaced and the the shop looked at the alignment of the gear and said it looked good.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?




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