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clutch gearbox or tranny


 hi pedro another question for you . I'm the owner of a recently purchase 2001 base boxtster low miles approx 28k. tonight all of a sudden manual gear shifter had a lot of play in it . seems it can't find 1st or 2nd gear. can only start forward in 3rd i third. no noises no clunks and no grinding. just wondering if it is linkage or something along those lines. im no mechanic but car does drive ok with out noises but just alot of loose play in shifter. any ideas. hoping its not transmission or clutch




Can the engagement point of the clutch in 2008 Boxster be adjusted independent of pulling the transmission?

Can the engagement point of the clutch in 2008 Boxster be adjusted independent of pulling the transmission?  I just acquired a low-mileage (26,000) Boxster and the clutch engages up high in the pedal travel . . . both clutch and transmission operate normally, just wondering if the clutch friction point can be reached in the middle of the clutch pedal's travel . . .

2009 pdk transmission service filter change

I believe I am in need of a transmission service due to age but not mileage of my car. I was looking up the cost of a filter and found that the pan to my transmission is the filter. First, is that correct? And Do I need to change the filter or pan with the fluid at this time? And if not when do you change the pan?

Boxster S 2nd gear pops out

My Boxster S 6-speed has started to pop out of 2nd gear when decelerating.  If I speed up to 3000-4000 RPM in 2nd, then lift off the accelerator, (as driving from one stop sign to another) the stick shift moves and pops out of gear.  It also pops out if I downshift into 2nd at higher RPM.  Second gear acceleration and all other gears are fine.  It seems to be getting worse.  For the time being, I can drive around this issue by clutching but would like to get it fixed.

IMS Mechanic in DC Area

I am looking for a reputable DC area mechanic or dealer to help address the IMS issue . My 2005 Boxster S runs great with no indication of any problems, but I always have that nagging feeling that there is a ticking time bomb looming. Any advice, recommendations, or direct experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

Signs of a failing clutch?

Model: Boxster S, Year:2002, Mileage:41,000, Type of use:Street use only

shift cable

Model: Boxster S, Year:2006, Mileage:23000, Type of use:Street use only


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