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Aftermarket shift knob

My own shift knob is getting scruffy. I have replaced the shifter mechanism and cables and now it's time for cosmetics. Some shift knobs are very heavy and they tout smooth shifting etc etc. I was told, a long time ago, not to use a heavy knob or rest your hand on the shifter (or leave your foot down on the clutch in gear while waiting). The heavy knob or hand pressure would put pressure on the shifter forks and load the synchro rings and wear them out prematurely. Is this still true? Will a heavy shift knob hurt the transmission?

Selector Lever Not Engaged

Car starts and runs great... most of the time. Occasionally I will get what feels like a slip in the Tiptronic transmission. It feels like it just slips to neutral for a second or two (usually) but has lasted as long as several seconds. It always comes back in gear, but it makes me nervous. I also get an error code: Selector Lever Not Engaged. Any ideas? I'm trying to figure out if this is something I can fix myself or if I need to take it to the shop. 

Fluid Leaks

Hi, looking for guidance although its looking like its back to the shop....

I've got a leak, looks to be coming from the underside, center, rear of the car, I'm assuming its transmission fluid as its not engine oil but its oily in nature and an amber colour. What has caught me by surprise is the fact I've got a pool of similar fluid coming from around the area of the left front.

See the pictures let me know thoughts, the pics are from my garage floor.

Shift Boot Removal

How does the boot come out with the metal strip? Not like a 986 like in the video.

986 Gear Select Lever oil leak

2002 Boxster S; I've got oil leakage from the gear selector shafts that exit the transmission on the passenger side.  It appears the seal is available with part number 996-303-517-00.  On many manual transmissions this is a simple job, but I am led to believe that on this transmission the seal can't be replaced from outside; allegedly the case has to be opened up and the seal replaced from inside.  I also understand there's a bronze bushing the shaft rides on that's subject to wear, and this is virtually impossible to replace without machining.  The transmission functions perfectly, I'd jus

Remove the Shifter Boot

I watched the great video about changing the shifter on a 986, can anyone tell me how to get the boot out of a 987.1 with the metal trim?

06 Boxster S MT Gear Oil Replacement

A few days ago I changed the gear oil in the car's transaxle. I drained it thoroughly over the course of a few hours. 

The owner's manual calls for 2.8 liters to refill and Pelican Parts said to fill it until oil starts to come out of the fill hole. I put three liters in and the level was still about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch below the fill hole so I added about another 1/4. (The car was level). So the question is: Can you see any problem arising from this? If the bottom of the fill hole is correct I don't see any way it could be overfilled.

6 Speed tranny synchros


I bought this great 2001 Boxster S 4 years ago.  All things have been perfect except for the 1st to 2nd gear synchro.  Or at least that's what I believe it is.   I don't shift quickly and have been babying it to not crunch gears from 1st to 2nd..  I was wondering what cost I might be looking at to fix this situation.  Or do I look at just swapping the tranny out?   I probably should've thought about this when I had all the clutch parts replaced 1 year ago.  I am retired and the Boxster is not my daily driver.   An advice welcome.  Thanks

Chirp under acceleration

Hoping for some guidance here, searched the archives and couldn't find an answer. My '99 boxster started making a chirping noise when pulling away (manual transmission) this started after it was brought out of hibernation in the spring. Initially it was only in 1st gear and when cold. Now it happens when changing gear and also when accelerating again after coasting in gear. Also not sure if its connected but I also get some vibration when coasting in gear. It seems transitory in nature.
The clutch was done about 15000 miles ago.


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