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I want to go from 17 to 18inch wheels. What do I need to know?

Hi Pedro. I have a 99 Boxster Base which is bone stock. I would like to go from 17" ( front 7" wide with 55 offset, rear 8.5" wide with 50 offset) to 18" wheels but am uncertain as to what to be aware of. I understand that I need a lower profile to keep the speedo the same (+3 mph)but what about widths and offsets, etc.? Are there formulae, etc.? I looked at the article on your website but am still uncertain.
Your kind assistance is always most appreciated.

Bart Zwart
904 612-9135

Tire rotation

What milage between tire rotations ?

Will 26" diameter tires

Will a 26" diameter tire (225/45-18 & 265/40-18) tires fit a 2000 Boxster?

2000 Boxster with the optional 18" wheels w/ 265/35's Can I go up to a 265/40 ?

I have Michelin Pilot summer tires on my 2ooo Boxster with optional 18" wheels and 225/40's on the front and 265/35's on the rear.  I noticethe later Boxsters run a higher profile tire.  Can I change the rears from 265/35 to a 265/40 without the ABS going fubar?

986 speedometer sensors & oversize rear tires

In an effort to correct the fact that the speedometer reads about 10% higher than GPS speed, I upsized the rear winter tires for 10% greater circumference.  This did not change the speedometer inaccuracy.  Where is the speedometer sensor that greater tire size wouldn't reduce the speedo reading?

Now, when I get up to about 60 MPH, the sensors for the ABS light the ABS and BRAKE lights on the dash.   Is there any solution other than to go back to a smaller tire?

Warren White


All Season Tires

I'm looking to put a set of all season tires on my 2013 Boxster S. OE Size is 235/40ZR19 Front and 265/40ZR19 Rear. This combination does not exist in AS tires. I'm looking at the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+  or the Continental DWS 06 but the options are 245/40ZR19 front and 275/40ZR19 Rear  or 225/40ZR19 Front and 255/40/19 Rear. The diameter difference is + - .3 inches.

I'm curious to know if anyone has done this and if and weather going up or down in size is preferred. 

Tire Recommendations for 718 Boxster?

Hi all - my 718 Boxster (with S Wheels) is approaching the time for a new set of tires.

Looking for any recommendations before getting a new set, if folks have found certain tires better in terms of longevity, wet handling, etc. I don't mind the PZERO's, and they are one of the tires Porsche lists on its recommendation sheet online. I got ~16k miles out of them before ~4/32" read - is this about what others have experienced?

Current tires: Pirelli P-ZERO Summer


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