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2000 boxster lug nut lock

I just discoveredmy boxster is missing the emergency tool kit. I was going to change a damaged tire, and dont have the security lug nut removal key.   how can I obtain the lug nut key? Anyone have a part number or can suggest how to remove it?





caliper decals

Where can I get caliper decals locally or in the United States. I have only been able to find a place in China. Thank you!


The rear tires on my 2014 Boxster S are worn down on the outside only with only 13,000 miles. Is this normal? If so, in the future, can we take switch the tires on the back by remounting on the rims?

986 & 987 Wheel Compatibility

Can you help and let me know whether I'm OK?.  I have the Original OEM 17" twist rims on my 1999 (non-S) Boxster (fronts 7" and rears 8.5"). Currently they have 205/50's and 255/40's, respectively. 

They look like this:



Time for new tires, dealer or Independent?

To the Group,

Time for new tires as the Yokahama tires are close to 4/32 tread depth.  I am looking at Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 225/40ZR18XL and 265/35ZR18XL. The reviews I have read are positive but I wanted to ask if any one had these installed and what your impressions are.

Second question - is there any benefit to getting these installed at the dealer vs a normal independent/franchise tire store?  You would not think so since the tires are mounted, balanced, etc and it isn't rocket science - but this is my first Porsche so again just asking for your insight.

Odd TPMS Issue

I have been having an issue with my TPMS. I installed new tires and replaced the TPMS sensors with new OEM sensors. Thay are the correct freq. I get the messsage "Wheel Change? Reset TPMS...." However I no longer have the option on my cluster for the wheels. I bought a new TPMS module and when I plugged it in the cluster picked it up and went into learning mode, however I still do not have the TPMS option on my cluster. The module learned the sensors and I deflated a tire and I got a diagram of that tire showing low pressure. Two days later I got the same message "Wheel change?....

Do Porsche rated tires need flat spot wheel chaulks to prevent flatspotting? Recommended?

Do Porsche rated tires need flat spot wheel chaulks to prevent flatspotting? Recommended? Thanks in advance for the reply. Dont want to permenently flat spot my tires after 5 months of heated storage. Never had to do this on other Porsche's I've owned but this GTS has tires that are much more expensive than my Porche's past.



Wheel sizes

Will the wheels from a 2000 C2 996 fit on my 1999 Boxster?

Do I need winter tires for my 718 Boxster S?

I am new to owning a Porsche. I have read I should not drive the summer tires during the winter as it can damage the tire when temps drop below 40.  Is this true? It is not my daily driver so I am assessing if I need to invest in a set of winter wheels and tires to enjoy it on an occassional warmer winter day.


Winter wheel set from 981 on 718, TPMS

I want to use the winter wheels from my 981 on a 718.

I'm told that the wheels will fit, but will I need new TPMS sensors installed in the tires?

The wheels were purchased in fall 2014.  It looks like there is a different part number for the 718, but I hope for backward compatibility.



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