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4W Drive System

will changing the transfer case fluid resolve a transfer case problem?

Car slips on gears 2-5. i am told it is a bad tranfer case. Porsche recommends a 5k fix of replacing transfer case. I have read that changing the transfer fluid may solve the issue but porsche dealership in Greenwich doesn't want to do this and recommends a 5k fix. Any guidance on whether changing teh tranfer fluid on a 2014 Cayenee would help?  this is a common issue with Porsche years 2011-2017. Is Porsche doing anything about their faulty transfer case that are bult incorrectly?


Rear Differential Noise -

Model: Cayenne S, Year:2003, Mileage:75000, Type of use:Street use only

Drive Train

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2004; Mileage: 1600;

Is the permanent wheel drive the same as Land Rovers?

PSM takes to much control

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2004; Mileage: 10k;

The cayenne has a serious lag in acceleration response. I am thinking it is the electronics. When PSM is on, it kills the gas when the brake pedal is pushed. There seems to be a lot of electronics going on. I want to control more of the car. I turned off PSM and it had better throttle response but revved higher. I want to control the car. What should I do? Thanks

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