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paint code

Model: Cayenne, Year:2006, Mileage:64000, Type of use:Street use only
Trying to get touch up paint for 2006 Cayenne Turbo. Can you give me some suggestions on where I might locate the paint code number please.ThanksBen

water leakage into a/c control unit

Model: cayenne, Year:2004, Mileage:77k, Type of use:Street use only
Has there been a history of water vent blockage, leading to water leakage into a/c control box, shorting out the electrical components?

Rear Window Release Button Cover Removal

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne; Year: 2004; Mileage: 61,000;

The cover for the wiper and release mechanism has fallen off so I purchased a new cover, which I found that I had to purchase the whole mechanism. I was wondering how I remove the old one...The nut that holds the wiper was removed, but the wiper arm will not come off. Is there another fastener somewhere I can't see? Is it just frozen from potential corrosion from not having a cover on it during the Great Lakes' winter? Please help! Thanks, Roy

body work on new 2009 marine blue metallic Cayenne

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne; Year: 2009; Mileage: 1800;

We had a fender bender with my wife's new Cayenne. We're looking for suggestions of body shops in the Wilmington, DE/Phila. PA area and whether we should specify/demand German (BASF?) OEM/refinish brand paint versus US (Dupont and /or PPG) brand paint for the body work. Does it make any difference? We plan on keeping this SUV for many years and don't want any long-term problems. Thanks

noisy wipers

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2004; Mileage: 20,000;

no matter what I do the wipers scrape.New blades didn't help. RainX doesn't helpAny help?

Invisible bra

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne; Year: 2008; Mileage: 7000;

When I had my 996, I thought the invisible bra was one of my better purchases. Now that I have an '08 Cayenne, I wonder if I should consider the invisible bra for this vehicle? Have you found that daily driven Cayennes really benefit from this accessory? Thanks very much, Greg


Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne; Year: 2004; Mileage: 31,219;

Has anyone else had SS ext trim stained from using a drive-thru brushless car wash? My trim is ruined. It has stains that look like a liquid ran down it. It's mottled. I tried everything to clean it off. I also took ot to the Porsche dealer detailer. He couldn't fix it either. The service manager told me another Cayenne had the same problem/same cause. They had to replace the trim. So, that's where I'm at also.Kate

2004 Cayenne S Front Bumper Cover & Grill

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2004; Mileage: 42000;

I have damaged the front end of my Cayenne S and am having it repaired. We need to order a new front bumper cover and grill behind it. Can we put the Cayenne Turbo front bumper and grill on this car or should we stick with the Cayenne S front bumper cover and grill. Of course the Turbo grill looks better and the cost seems to be very close. Thanks for your input

Cayenne front grill replacement

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2006; Mileage: 6500;

I need to replace one of my front, upper, side grill inserts. How do I get in there?

Rear Spoiler replacement for Trailer Hitch installation

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2005; Mileage: 12,000;

I damaged the rear of my 2005 Cayenne necessitating the replacement of the rear spoiler. The bodyshop was unable to find a replacement spoiler that had the original factory cut for the hitch and trailer electronics. I have to believe that this part exists since it ships from the factory with a pre-cut spoiler. I tried my local dealership and they said that the part does not exist and that they would have to cut the spoiler themselves.Do you know how I could acquire a pre-cut spoiler?Thanks!


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