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Heating and Ventilation

My suv blows air, but not into cabin or defrost. R134 full pressure. Confused as all appears working but can't get into cabin anywhere on dash.

Just purchased a '04 Cayenne S with  145k miles.  Previous owner bought as a certified Porsche preowned vehicle. R134 is at 100%, and turned heat up to full etc.  All fans, blowers appear to work but no air coming through any vents.  Where should I start or could you provide me a direction to start at?  Thanks

2014 cayenne air conditioner works fine on driver side vents but blows hot air on passenger side vents

Air conditioner blows cold air on driver side vents but warm air on passenger side thinks recharging of Freon,,,heading to dealership today. Is this common with cayenne.?

2009 Cayenne A/C Blows Lukewarm Air from Right Side Vents.

I have a 2009 Cayenne Base.  I noticed, recently, that the left vents (front and rear) are blowing significantly cooler air than the right vents (front and rear) when the A/C is in use.  Is there any information that you can provide?  Thank you in advance.

~  Mike


Warm, Humid air through blowing

Model: Cayenne S, Year:2012, Mileage:600, Type of use:Street use only
While driving my new 2012 Cayenne S, warm, humid air began to blow through the vents well before an ambient temperature had been reached. The set temp on the AC was 72. It had been blowing cool air as expected. I had to set the temp to 66 to get the AC back on. I have seen on forums that there may be an issue with the infrared sensor getting a false sense of the temp and requires a fix. Has anyone else noticed this?

No AC or heat out of rear center console vents

Model: Cayenne, Year:2004, Mileage:114400, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2004 cayenne turbo and noticed the rear console vents do not have any airflow. It was especially noticable this summer with rear passengers having minimal AC. Even the vents in pillars were minimal airflow, but the center vents had no airflow. Dealer replaced the heater/AC fan about a year ago. Could they have missed a hookup?

fresh air

Model: GTS, Year:2008, Mileage:97000, Type of use:Street use only
The A/C emits an odor when it is on. This is 2008 "left over" with < 10K miles. IT has done this since new. Is there DIY way for filter change.THANKS

window tint

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2004; Mileage: 11000;

where would you recommend that i go to tint the windows. i live in houston and work in sugar land texas

sour odor in ventilation system

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2004; Mileage: 4200;

I purchased this vehicle at the end of November and now that it is beginning to get warm in upstate New York I am getting a sour smell from the vents. The odor is strongest when the air flow starts, but continues to be noticeable. My local dealer has ordered a new pollen filter to solve the problem. Since the tree pollen has not really started in my area I am a little suspect. Are you aware of this problem in other Cayennes?

Auxiliary Heater

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne S; Year: 2004; Mileage: 7000;

Greetings,I ordered my Cayenne with the aux. heater and it works great (when I remember to program it to turn on.)It's been brought to my attention that there is a remote control to activate the auxiliary heater. However, when I took my vehicle to the dealership I was told "the remote control is only for ROW (rest of world) and not programmable for USA.Is there any alternatives?Thanks in advance!


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