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Passenger floor board water

Pulled the two plugs under front wheels thinking that was why my passenger side was filling up with water. Did not solve the problem. Any ideas besides that!! Everything else seems fine. 

Rear Seat Cover Plate To Cigarette Lighter

Model: Base, Year:2008, Mileage:29,000, Type of use:Street use only
The latch to the cover over the cigarette lighter is broken. I removed the entire plate by removing the two screws. Do I need to replace the entire plate or can the latch itself be fixed/replaced?

ash tray

Model: cayenne, Year:2006, Mileage:69000, Type of use:Street use only
2006 ct. The front ashtray has a coin or something inside that will cause the ashtray not to shut enough to latch and sometimes will not come out without friendly persuasion. Can the ashtray be easily removed to get to the culprit? If so, how the heck. Seems I have tried everything and it does not budge. Have removed the ash part but the culprit is deeper inside. I hear it when I tap on it while open. Please advise, Thanks, Ben

dashboard reflection on Wind Shield

Model: Cayenne, Year:2011, Mileage:2700, Type of use:Street use only
Interior dashboard reflection without polarized sun glasses is very distracting and frankly, dangerous. At times it is very hard to see outside on bright days (99% of the time in Houston!) Called Porsche North America with the complaint and they took note but said they had some complaints but it was not a priority. I guess clear vision while driving is not a priority. Any suggestions? Thank you


Model: Cayenne , Year:2005, Mileage:45000, Type of use:Street use only
Is there a upgrade or modification to the CDR220 to provide for audio input from iPod or MP3 player?Thanks.

GTS steering wheel

Model: Cayenne S, Year:2006, Mileage:21K, Type of use:Street use only
I have an '06 Cayenne S that I use as the perfect compliment to my 993. I've done a number of upgrades and mods to personalize this vehicle to my liking. But have always been put off by the relative "thinness" of the steering wheel. Can I change-up to the GTS steering wheel; and if so what is involved? Thank You,Stephen

Replacing the drink holder drawer in the rear cabin

Model: Cayenne S, Year:2004, Mileage:85000, Type of use:Street use only
Our dog accidentally opened the drink holder drawer in the rear cabin and chewed the wood facade. I ordered and received a replacement drawer from Porsche but it came without installation instructions. Can you tell me how to remove the damaged drawer and replace it with the new one?Thanks,Gary

Removing Trim Around The Shift Lever

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne; Year: 2008; Mileage: 20,000;

The gear shift lever won't go all the way into the "Drive" position. I think my wife dropped some coins and one or two fell into the open slot where the channel opens up for the Tiptronic. How can I remove the trim around the shifter so I can retrieve my spare change. Sorry... it's not the typical kind of Tech Q&A I usually read on the 996 page with Joel.

Cayenne Dashboard Grille

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne; Year: 2004; Mileage: 61000;

We have looked everywhere in the owners manual and can't find what the large grille in the center of the dashboard is for. It has an "open and close" thumb wheel, but haven't seen a use...Must be something important for the size of the thing takes up about a quarter of the dash!

Radio Knob Source

Vehicle Information: Model : Cayenne; Year: 2008; Mileage: 6000;

Audio shop managed to lose a radio knob from my Cayenne when installing satellite radio.......this was from the standard stereo system ......Porsche says they don't sell any knobs for this radio seperately that I need to buy a new stereo/CD set up.....The button size looks like the same size as the 2004 Cayenne I had leased ....I am looking for a source of a new knob without having to buy a new stereo ....Thanks for your help....


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