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718 smart phone tray - anyone got it to work?


my car has a thing called a smart phone tray, and the manual says if you put your phone in the tray (in teh center console), it connects to the car's external antenna.  A footnote in the on-line manual says "

1) The smartphone tray is not available in the United States.

How can I access the new car sticker specifications of my 2009 Cayman S

How can I determine the manufacturers/dealers description (specifacations, options, etc,) of my 2009 CaymanS?

Porsche indoor car cover

My car will be in my garage and trying to find a good car cover to protect it from my kids or anything bumping into it.  Can anyone make a recommondation for a good indoor Car Cover? 

Thank you

X-pel bra separating

I have a 2015 Porsche Cayman s.Bought the car,which is a CPO,and had an x- pel bra installed through the dealer in Dec of this year.The bra has started to separate at the top of each headlight. I was told that sometimes this can happen, due to the factory coating that Porsche puts on the headlights.The front of the car and the headlights were in pristine condition prior to the application.Anyone have a similar issue and or solution to this problem?

Changing steeing wheel

I have a 2015 Cayman S. It has the multifunction steering wheel which is great. I don't like the shift buttons for the PDK. Is there an option to change to a  Steering wheel that has paddles and retain the multifunction capabilities of the current Steering wheel?

Will replacing my stock 2014 Cayman exhaust with sport exhaust improve sound significantly?

Will installing a sport exhaust on my 2014 Cayman improve sound significantly?  If yes, use Porsche dealer installed sport exhaust?  Or Borla?  Many thanks. 

Used scissors jack for a 987.2 Cayman



Will any year used Porsche Boxster/Cayman scissors jack work on my 2011 Cayman?   Dealer wants $260 for part #996 721 211 00.

Looking for a lightweight jack I can store in my trunk for emergencies.   Thanks!


'07 Cayman S CD changer won't eject cartridge


I purchased a new 6-CD cartridge for the Cayman and loaded 6 CD's, inserted it into the compartment and it played fine when in use. Then when i needed to eject the cartridge, I opened the compartment door and pressed the "eject" button. And nothing happens. Any ideas?


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