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Will replacing my stock 2014 Cayman exhaust with sport exhaust improve sound significantly?

Will installing a sport exhaust on my 2014 Cayman improve sound significantly?  If yes, use Porsche dealer installed sport exhaust?  Or Borla?  Many thanks. 

Used scissors jack for a 987.2 Cayman



Will any year used Porsche Boxster/Cayman scissors jack work on my 2011 Cayman?   Dealer wants $260 for part #996 721 211 00.

Looking for a lightweight jack I can store in my trunk for emergencies.   Thanks!


'07 Cayman S CD changer won't eject cartridge


I purchased a new 6-CD cartridge for the Cayman and loaded 6 CD's, inserted it into the compartment and it played fine when in use. Then when i needed to eject the cartridge, I opened the compartment door and pressed the "eject" button. And nothing happens. Any ideas?


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