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Clear bra protection

Just picked up a 2016 Cayman S (CPO).  Looks like new.  Attending my first track event (hosted by dealer) in March and do not know what to expect.  Is clear bra protection really necessary?  If recommended, any recommendations on where to get installed around Charlotte, NC and approximate cost?

Crazing in interior of 2015 Cayman PDLS headlights

           I recently noticed that the interior of my 2015 Cayman headlight covering was crazing on the interior surfae (see image).  The headlights are being replaced under warranty, but I was wondering what caused this so I can avoid the issue in the future.    






Brown (rust?) spots on floor next to inside front wheels both sides

Two days sitting in garage after a 100 mile road trip, found several 1" diameter brown spots on floor next to inside side of wheel/tire, both left and right front. Spots are dry and do not have oily feel.   Spot shape has a plop look.  Washed car 4-5 days before.  If it is residual car wash water, what would turn it brown or rusty?

Road trip did not encounter wet weather or wet roads.   

How many Porsches have brown spots on their garage floor or driveway?


Production numbers

How do I find the number of 2008 cayman s in speed yellow delivered to the US during the year produced?

Window lowers upon opening passenger's door but fails to raise after closing door

My 2006 Cayman S has developed a peculiar problem with its passenger's side window.  Upon opening the door, the window retracts 1/4 inch or so, as designed, but then after that door is once again closed, the window fails to rise to its fully closed position automatically.  I have repeatedly attempted to "reset" the actuator in the hopes that some sort of a software logic error (e.g.

License plate placement

My 2017 Cayman S has all the optional sensors up front including the adaptive cruise control and park assist.  I have not been able to figure out where to mount the license plate without either blocking a sensor, a radiator, or blocking the daytime running light that runs above the right lower cowl.  Do you have an idea of where to mount the license plate.  Right now, I'm driving my Cayman around without a front license plate which is against Maryland rules.  It's just a matter of time before I get pulled over.

Stone guards for a Cayman 981?

Having a hard time finding a place that sells stone guards specific for a 981.  All I keep findinng is 911 guards.. Anyone know a good place that has them?  

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