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Brakes for Track Use

I have a base 2019 Cayman with the optional 20" Carrera wheels ( I got the car pre-owned).  I have taken my car to the track one time and my instructor said I should get upgraded brakes.  Do you have recommendations on pads I should get?  I plan on doing 10-12 track days max per year.  Thanks Don Hoover. 

GTS Pads on Base 981

Soon I will undertake my first brake job with the Cayman. I was able to score a set of GTS pads (F&R) SKU981GTSPADFR for a great price to replace mine. Reading on Suncoast the pads will fit the S and upgrade to factory sport brake compound; however, I have a base. On the aftermarket it seems that the pads are interchangeable between all 3 models, pads are visually the same as far as I can see. Do I need to drop these and pick up base pads or am I good to go?

clutch slave cylinder

Well I recently did my required brake fluid exchange as a two year service.  I then decided to also bleed the clutch to complete the job.  Here is where things went south.  I depressed the clutch pedal and held it in place with a board.  I might mention that I have done this job on this car on twice before.  I loosened the bleed nipple with a socket and then place a tube on the nipple.  I had a Motive bleeder hooked up at about 15 pounds pressure.  I then used a small modified 11 mm wrench to slowly open the bleeder nipple.  At about two turns open brake fluid just expoded out spilling ever

Clutch bleed during brake fluid change

I maintain my own Porsche and change the brake fluid at two year intervals.I have had my 14 Cayman S since new and am about to undertake the third brake fluid change. On the previous two I also bled the clutch slave which is the only difficult part of the job as the nipple is hard to reach with the wrench.

Brake pads and fluid for HPDE

I have my first HPDE event coming up and it is a 3 day event. My front brakes and fluid needs replacement to meet the Tech standards for the event. I would like to know if I should go with the OEM brake pads and fluid or if I will need better performing parts. 

Brake Actuation

I took the Cayman in for 2 year service, and as part of the service they bled the brakes.  I drove the car home and everything was fine.  The next day I noticed I had to press deeper into the pedal stroke to feel the brake pedal resistance.  I measured the distance with a tape measure by pressing the pedal with my hand while the car was parked and idling.  The brake pedal starts 6 inches measured from the foot well wall.  When I press by hand the brake pedal travels 4 inches before I feel resistance.  So I have two inches of pedal travel before I feel resistance (pedal feels firm).  I took

Are Zimmeramann brake rotors a good alternative to the porsche OEM rotors

Just wanted to get feed back on brake pads and rotors for a 981 base model. Are the zimmermann rotors a good choice for the front and back rotors?




2006 Porsche Cayman S Street Brake Pad Help

There are so many options and opinions out there on other forums, that I decided to ask the experts. I have a 2006 Cayman S with stock rotors/calipers and is driven semi-aggressively on the street only (no track days). I would like to find a brake pad that will create less brake dust but still have as good if not better initial bite than stock pads. Any experience and suggestions with Hawk, Akebono, EBC, Cool Carbon, or others? Thanks!

981S making gurgling noise at right front under sharp braking at low speed?

A sound like fluid gurgling or boiling, from the right front, under realtivly sharp braking at parking lot speeds. First thought the sound was grinding. Mechanic checked pads, rotors, fluid, found no problems.  No warning lights on.  Can feel it slightly in pedal. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Flashing Brake light in 2018 718 cayman in USA part 2

This is a reply to Mr Bonilla, Pedro.

It seems that relying to your original answer wont get to you. So I am trying it this way.

Thank you, very much Mr. Bonilla, Pedro 

About the 718 Adaptive LED braking lights, If you happen to find out if PIWIS can do it, would you please let me know?


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