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Scheduled maint on a used 987.2

Spark plugs ( coils) have not been changed since 34,000 now 58,000 , no roughness in engine, Should they be changed ? 

 Recently purchased Cayman S.  Records are not clear but seems brake fluid has not been flushed since July 2012. Should it be flushed soon ?




Painting Calipers

Thinking of painting calipers on 718 Cayman Base fron graphite to Porsche red or yellow.  Already have an sources for Porsche stencils or decals, but what to know if anyone has painted their calipers, and what the results were.  Also, would like to know which paint was used, and any suggestions that may avoid difficulties.  Thanks.

Hi, I noticed at the end of my last track day that the brake reservoir fluid level was very low, but then the next day the level appeared normal with in the max//min markings after the car sat overnight. Is this normal?

The brake system was flushed 4 months ago and I have done 4 track days on it.  I have not noticed any degradation in braking performance or gotten any warning light.  Car/pads/fluid are stock.  No apparent leaks.  Fluid appearance looks ok (not dirty). Pads still look good.  The dealer said to monitor it, but I plan to take it in for a check/fluid flush before the next track day.  Since the system is sealed, I did not think fluid reservoir level would vary that much with temperature. When the brakes are hot from tracking, does fluid collect in the lines or master cylinder?  Thanks!

Replacement Brake Pads and Tires for 2009 Cayman


Looking for advice on replacing brake pads and tires

I bought a 2009 Cayman (base) in June 2016 with 36K miles.

i have added 4K miles in the last year, some of it on DE days and autocross.  The pads will need replacement soon and the tires later.  I believe I have OE pads and OE drilled rotors.  Rotors look good to my untrained eye.

I am looking for a compromise street and track pads and tires.  I am not interested in changing out pads or tires for an event.  

2016 Base Cayman and S brake calipers

I have been led to believe that the 2016 Cayman 981 Base and S models share the same brake calipers other than exterior color (Graphite on the Base and Red for the S models).  Is this a statement true?  If so, does it apply to the entire brake system including rotors, etc.?  Thank you.

Cayman S brake fluid leak?

While washing the wheels on my new 718 Cayman S, I have found 2-5 mL puddles of oil (brake fluid?) inside the wheels - is this something to expect in a new 718 Cayman S?  

dealer says 75% time rotor needs to be changed with pads. Seems excessive to me. Any thoughts?

My brake warning light came on, its time to service the front pads. Called dealer to set it up and was told that 75% of the time the rotors need changed with the pads. Thats a first for me. Its been my expereince that rotors rarely need replaced. Am I missing something?

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