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How do I initiate the hold function?

How do I initiate the hold function? Do sport modes make a difference?

Cayman GTS brake job


I will require a front brake job soon. 

The dealer said they replace pads and rotors. 
Do they make any improved brake pads or rotors ?

Should I consider using stock parts?

Thanks for any comments 

Mods for HPDE

Hi, I have been tracking my Cayman S stock for about a year, done 8 or so days on track. I also drive to events, and like to take the car for trips up the Central Coast. I've tracked North a bit-  Seca and Buttonwillow lately.

Brake force display

Hello! Everyone

Just looking to see if any way has been discovered as to how to activate the brake force display (brake lights pulsating during hard braking) as of today. 
I recall that a couple of years ago there was no way to do that back then.


Cayman ABS System Flush

Does a brake system flush automatically flush the ABS system - or are these two separate and distinct flushes?  I have always just assumed the ABS is flushed when the brakes are flushed.  Should I ask for both systems to be flushed the next time the car goes in for service?  Thanks much.

what is the torque on the brake caliper bolts?

Need to replace all my pads, front and back. What is the required torque to fasten the bolts? Is there a difference between front and back, or is it same torque? Any other advise on this job? (I have done replacements on a 987.1).

Brakes for Track Use

I have a base 2019 Cayman with the optional 20" Carrera wheels ( I got the car pre-owned).  I have taken my car to the track one time and my instructor said I should get upgraded brakes.  Do you have recommendations on pads I should get?  I plan on doing 10-12 track days max per year.  Thanks Don Hoover. 

GTS Pads on Base 981

Soon I will undertake my first brake job with the Cayman. I was able to score a set of GTS pads (F&R) SKU981GTSPADFR for a great price to replace mine. Reading on Suncoast the pads will fit the S and upgrade to factory sport brake compound; however, I have a base. On the aftermarket it seems that the pads are interchangeable between all 3 models, pads are visually the same as far as I can see. Do I need to drop these and pick up base pads or am I good to go?

clutch slave cylinder

Well I recently did my required brake fluid exchange as a two year service.  I then decided to also bleed the clutch to complete the job.  Here is where things went south.  I depressed the clutch pedal and held it in place with a board.  I might mention that I have done this job on this car on twice before.  I loosened the bleed nipple with a socket and then place a tube on the nipple.  I had a Motive bleeder hooked up at about 15 pounds pressure.  I then used a small modified 11 mm wrench to slowly open the bleeder nipple.  At about two turns open brake fluid just expoded out spilling ever

Clutch bleed during brake fluid change

I maintain my own Porsche and change the brake fluid at two year intervals.I have had my 14 Cayman S since new and am about to undertake the third brake fluid change. On the previous two I also bled the clutch slave which is the only difficult part of the job as the nipple is hard to reach with the wrench.


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