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Seat memory no longer functioning

I have a 718 Cayman GTS that I took in for the 2 year service and now the seat memory is non-functional.  I feel like the dealer must have done a software update as my HomeLink is now flaky, the oil level software acts differently than it has for the previous 2+ years & before the maintenance work was performed, and the seat memory is broken.

Gear selector

When I put the car in park dash indicator says reverse dash display says gear selector not engaged. It only recently started doing this. Is this an easy fix that I can do myself.

Steering wheel does not lock in and out function to drive car ?

2007 Cayman S steering is locked when key is out... but put key in and pull the adjustment lever down and adjust in and out to where you are comfortable with the steering wheel, close the adjust locking lever and the wheel doesn't lock in the position selected moves freely back and forth.. how does one fix this? HELP !

Signs of shifter cable beginning to fail?

I would like to preventatively swap my shifter cables to the numeric racing option so I don't get stranded and can drive it hard without concern of that failing. I'm wondering if there are any signs of the stock cable starting to go before it actually snaps? It seems to shift totally fine right now. I am scheduled to go to the Sept 8th HPDC event at Summit point and wondering if I should have the cable swapped before then. Since it's not a proper DE or AutoX event, I think itll be fine, but curious.


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