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Alternator reading 15.2 amps

Alternatoer keeps reading well over the normal 14.5 volts requured for an AGM battery. 

Cayman S drain the battery to dead in three days, driven, or not.

<p>My 2007 has killed two batteries and must be disconnected between drives because if I do not disconnect the battery the car will drain it in two days. The radio is not being left on, nor are any lights on. I have taken it to the Porsche dealership twice for this and they find nothing. No codes. No alternator issues. No answers. I have heard stories of the front control unit going on the fritz if the front lights were buffed when washing and drying such that it created a static charge.

Presets on FM portion of radio in 2007 Cayman S stopped working. Thoughts?

The presets on the FM band of the radio, Bose auido, have stopped working.  AM still does.  Can it be fixed?  What causes this?




Rich D

Rear Camera for GT4

Is there a good way to get aftermarket rear camera to show up on GT4 PCM screen?


2017 718S - beeps one or twice when locking - like the beep but why 1 or 2 beeps?

2017 - 718S - with Entry & Drive (not sure that is related to this issue)

According to the manual:
When locking the Car:
Press lock button on key FOB = lights blink twice and you get two audible "beeps" from the car = car locked 
Put finger on the door handle (with key close to car) and the above happens....

This works BUT sometimes the car "Beeps" once and sometimes twice - the lights always blink twice and the car is always locked as can be seen from the red LED's blinking in door sill and the doors are really locked - I tried...

2008 Cayman computer question

I just bought a 2008 Cayman S.  The computer menu only has the options: Limit-Info-Oil-Set.  I expected an option TPC for the TPMS and CHRONO to activate the stopwatch on the center dash.  Why would these options be missing?          Also, according to the owner's manual, I should be able to choose to display the radio station in the central display and the tire pressure in the lower display via the SET menu but these options are not available to me.  Thanks in advance for any reply.




Electronic Remote Key Not Working

Electronic Remote Key Not Working


As the event group leader for Coastal Empire Region's Charleston Spring overnight weekend,

I discovered my electronic key fob was not operational within the property of a local

Hampton Inn. My first thought was a dead key battery, however I found out several other club

Event drivers experienced the same issue while parked in their lot.  

Is there any technical information on whether commercial businesses/hotels have the ability

To spread a electronic signal to perhaps deter auto theft?


Odometer error 2017 718 cayman s

I’d like to get a definitive (factory) answer to my Cayman’s odometer error.

My recent Texas trip had an odometer error of slightly over 1.0 %.  The 1000 mile trip was indicated to be 1010.5 miles.  I have made this trip 10+ times, 2 way, and have always shown 1000.0 miles whether on GPS or the odometer in the recently sold 1996 993 Turbo. Additionally, the Cayman odometer also showed a certified ORR race length 1.1% greater than actual. The Sport Chrono was very accurate.


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