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intermitant battery drain

My car randomly drains the battery. It will be fine for months then be dead in a couple of days. I drive it two or three times a week. I have checked for amp draw on the battery with everything off and its normal. Alternator is charging at 14.2 volts. Only thing I can think of is the ignition sawitch is going. I have on a few occasions turned the key off taken it out and the car remains running. I have a switch on the way.The only other thing I can think of would be a bad diode in the alternator. I havent checked them. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Turn off tire pressure monitoring

Does anyone know if you can turn off the tire pressure monitor system in at 2008 Porsche Cayman I do autocross and I switch between tire sets my autocross wheels do not have tire pressure monitor system installed it drives me crazy with all the warnings

2017 Cayman 718 Back Camera Sometimes Does Not Engage in Reverse

When I am in my garage, I can start my Cayman, put it in reverse and the back camera does not engage. I believe this is due to a lot of objects near the proximity sensors. If this occurs, I can only get the back camera to engage if I restart the car. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?


Is it locked? Is it locked now? How about now?

I'm new to my '09 Cayman, and Porsche in general. As my car is set up now, the horn does not beep when the doors are unlocked or locked, and I can't discern any pattern in regards to which lights are flashing (or not) when unlocking and locking the car-- I invariably end up pushing the lock/unlock button multiple times when approaching or leaving so I don't know where I am in the sequence.

I understand that it is possible to have the car programmed for different behavior when locking/unlocking the doors with the key/remote.  Here are my questions:

Changing languages in multifuction display

i just bought a 2014 cayman and have two issues. The multifunction display is set to Chinese. After reading the owners manual, and looking at the layout of the menus, I have tried to navigate to English I think I found ot but the language does not change. I noticed an informational prompt comes up when I pick the language highlighted. The car has the dual climate sytem and the temp always is set to 29 degrees centigrade evry time I start the car despite setting it otherwise while being driven. Unfortunately I have only one key to the car.

HAM radio installation in 981 Cayman

Does anyone have experience installing a HAM radio in a 981 Cayman?  I am working on my General Class license and would like to do an install of a portable high frequency radio.  Wondering about whether the radio can be wired into the existing radio system and controlled from the touch screen, and if not, where folks are putting the transceiver and how they are hooking it up.  Also was wondering is anyone is running an antenna off of the rear tow hook mount.  Found a supplier, but don't know if the signal would be any good considering the location.

Accelerator Pedal Connection

Need to fix a broken accelerator pedal. How does the pedal sensor electrical connection uplug? I have tried everything to get it to disconnect. Looks like you press down on the white tab and pull? It can't be that difficult!!!!  . I'm referring to the connection on top of the pedal housing. Thanks Evan

Poor radio reception on replacement head unit

I have replaced the head unit in my Cayman S and now the reception is terrible both AM and FM!  I've read that there is antenna amp in the passenger side A pillar.  Is that true and if it is, can you provide any details such as how it is powered? 

Thanks, Bob Hereth

computer settings are not retained

input into computer; settings; display; vehicle menu; battery voltage

when i set this into the computer and push set and number 1 to retain, setting is not retained. 

as soon as i lock the vehicle the settings revert to  display boost instead of my battery voltage.  how to i get the computer to retain my settings?



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