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How PSM works after traction is lost

I have a question about Porsche's PSM.  I have read the manual and understand what PSM does to help stabilize the car in a turn.  The manual does not discuss what PSM does, if anything, once the car has become unstable and has lost traction.  For the sake of discussion assume one has hit some loose material or ice at the apex of a left hand turn and the car's longitudinal axis is now on a radial line while the center of gravity of the car is following a tangential line.  This would happen extremely fast and the car probably would already be sideways before PSM kicks in.  The question is doe

Key remote not working

Hello Pedro,

I went to the store a few days ago and upon returning to my car the remote would not unlock the doors or hatch/trunk. First thought was a dead remote battery. Upon returning home, I tried my second key, also a no go. So I checked batteries with a multi meter. Both at 3.4 volts but I changed the primary key battery anyway with a tested new battery. Still no results. All doors lock and unlock with the key, the alarm sets, and lock and hatch releases function normally.  Can you advise a possible fix?

Best regards,

Dennis offner

How to Clear check engine and airbag warning lights after installing longtube headers

way out of my league but I have been told I can "flash" the system with a computer??

Took it to dealer and they schrugged their shoulders

Auto start-stop function

My 2014 Cayman S Auto start-stop feature seems to work normally most of the time. However, sometimes when the engine is at normal operating temperature and with the air conditioner off and the auto start-stop function button engaged, the engine will not shut off when the car is stopped at a stoplight with the transmission in neutral, manual transmission, and sport button not engaged. Does anybody else experience this and or know what's going on, in other words why doesn't it shut off when the above conditions exist?

Trying to figure out my new to me Bose CDR30 with PCM2.1

OK, I've tried searching. A lot. But I can't find the answers to a couple of questions and they don't seem to be addressed in the Owner's Manual either. The stereo manual itself either doesn't seem to be available, which I think is odd. Both my BMW and Jaguar came with printed separate manuals just for the stereo.

I have a 987.1 with the 680 Bose High End Sound Package, and the P23 PCM 2.1 w/ Extended Navigation

PCM 3.1 in endless reboot

My PCM has been in an endless reboot, and I'm likely looking at a full PCM replacement. I am able to source a replacement unit independently, however I don’t quite know what the procedure would be for coding. Would this be something I’d have to take it into a dealership for, i.e. recoding the unit to the car? And would they be none too pleased that I’m bringing in a 3rd party replacement unit instead of buying it new through them? Thanks to anyone that might be able to provide some information on this!

981 Cayman S Alpine Head Unit Killed Sport Plus?

I recently purchased my first Porsche 981. I love the car but the Sport Plus feature is not working. The dealership says the Alpine head unit installed in the car prevents the car from entering Sport Plus. The Sport Mode works. Apparently the Sport Plus option needs the factory CDR to work properly. Does anyone know if there is a work around for the Sport Plus system without replacing the Alpine stereo?

I would like to update my Stereo head with blue tooth and and SirusXM. I have the Bose and it sounds great. Is it worth the update.

What is the best way to go about updating my stereo head on my bose system.   I would like to get SirusXM and Blue tooth if at all possible.

The Bose system is great so I am wondering if it is even worth the cost and trouble.


I have a 2014 cayman S, what battery replacement do you suggest?

1) I have a 2014 Cayman S.

6200 miles on the odometer.

I drive 2-3000, miles a year, store in a unheated garage, start the car weekly in the winter.

What battery replacement do you suggest?


2) Do you suggest that I use a battery maintainer?



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