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source for automatic headlight switch kit

I am looking for an automatic off/on headlight switch kit for my '08 Cayman S.

Looking for a kit that will turn headlights on/off when ignition switch is on/off, OR

one that is light activated.

Can anyone provide me with a source for this.



PCM not showing firmware version number--what now?

I'm a new owner of my first Porsche--a Cayman. In playing around with the PCM (which I've read is finicky and not well-supported by Porsche), I've learned that my hardware does not display which version of firmware is installed. It just shows "V" for version and no number after that. Though I know updates stopped some time ago for my car I'd like the firmware to be up-to-date as possible. If I take the car to a dealership, I may spend $200 just to find out that the firmware is up-to-date after all.

So my questions are:

How do I turn off the double beep on locking the doors on my 2015 Cayman?

On locking the doors of my newly acquired 2015 Cayman with the key remote there is a double horn beep. My older Porsches give a single beep on this command only if there is a door or lid not secure. With the 2015 Cayman this double beep seems to be a standard response. I'd like to eliminate this noise as the latching of the doors is sufficient for my ears to confirm security of the car (and the light flashes).

Battery replacement

Depending on who you ask, it seems different answers are received.  So here we go.  Can a person just replace the battery on a late model Porsche or is there some black magic that needs to be performed.  I have heard that the vehicle computer monitors the battery level and needs to be reprogrammed if a new battery is installed. Please set the record straight.  

Turn signal

ny help would be appreciated guys. So my passenger side headlight went out and I changed it, as soon as I turned on the head light, the turn signal suddenly stopped working. So I changed the bulb, and the socket, and even pulled out the driver side bulb and socket and switched them around. Still nothing. I pulled out the fuses and they all work. Any ideas on what it could be? Do I need to buy another headlight assembly at this point?

Alternator reading 15.2 amps

Alternatoer keeps reading well over the normal 14.5 volts requured for an AGM battery. 

Cayman S drain the battery to dead in three days, driven, or not.

<p>My 2007 has killed two batteries and must be disconnected between drives because if I do not disconnect the battery the car will drain it in two days. The radio is not being left on, nor are any lights on. I have taken it to the Porsche dealership twice for this and they find nothing. No codes. No alternator issues. No answers. I have heard stories of the front control unit going on the fritz if the front lights were buffed when washing and drying such that it created a static charge.

Presets on FM portion of radio in 2007 Cayman S stopped working. Thoughts?

The presets on the FM band of the radio, Bose auido, have stopped working.  AM still does.  Can it be fixed?  What causes this?




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