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718 Stability management

Does someone explain the technical differences between the “PSM sport on, Limited Stability” and the PSM “Off”?

It seems when you have it on Stability Limited (which makes you think that there is still some of it working) the car gets out of control much easier and sooner, then when is completely OFF (when you would think there is Nothing ON).

Or When do ypu use one compare to the other?

I mean when driving on pavement at a fast to aggressive pace. And not on snow, mud or dirt,

Installing trickle charger directly to battery, trunk light will not go off unless the trunk lid is completely shut. Is there a way to turn the trunk light off while charging the batter? shut

I have just installed a smart trickle charger directly to the battery in my 2017 Cayman S, rather than running the wires through the window into the console plug. The problem is that the trunk light stays on unless the trunk lid is tightly closed. Is there a way to turn off the trunk light with the trunk lid slightly ajar? Larry S.

Air Bag Light

I have removed my stock seats and replaced them with track seats.

Is there a way to turn off the air bag light which is now always on due to the seat change?

Also is there a way to not have the radio come on every time I start my Cayman?





Computer problems

We own two GT-4s and both are giving us faulty readings. Sometimes I get an engine fault, or a low tire pressure, or no power steering etc. None of this is accurate, and the faults often change or disappear.  My /understanding is that the main computer was misprogrammed. The dealer attempted to program the computer, but that didn't solve the problem. What should I do? 

How do I remove this connector?

I'm trying to add a Sprint Booster to my '09 Cayman. Pictured is the top of the accelarator pedal's electronics connector. The connector needs to be separated from the pedal so the Booster's inline module can be added between the pedal and the car's electronics. I cannot figure out how to remove this connector.

Window lowers upon opening passenger's door but fails to raise after closing door

My 2006 Cayman S has developed a peculiar problem with its passenger's side window.  Upon opening the door, the window retracts 1/4 inch or so, as designed, but then after that door is once again closed, the window fails to rise to its fully closed position automatically.  I have repeatedly attempted to "reset" the actuator in the hopes that some sort of a software logic error (e.g.

intermitant battery drain

My car randomly drains the battery. It will be fine for months then be dead in a couple of days. I drive it two or three times a week. I have checked for amp draw on the battery with everything off and its normal. Alternator is charging at 14.2 volts. Only thing I can think of is the ignition sawitch is going. I have on a few occasions turned the key off taken it out and the car remains running. I have a switch on the way.The only other thing I can think of would be a bad diode in the alternator. I havent checked them. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Turn off tire pressure monitoring

Does anyone know if you can turn off the tire pressure monitor system in at 2008 Porsche Cayman I do autocross and I switch between tire sets my autocross wheels do not have tire pressure monitor system installed it drives me crazy with all the warnings

2017 Cayman 718 Back Camera Sometimes Does Not Engage in Reverse

When I am in my garage, I can start my Cayman, put it in reverse and the back camera does not engage. I believe this is due to a lot of objects near the proximity sensors. If this occurs, I can only get the back camera to engage if I restart the car. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?



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