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981 Cayman S Alpine Head Unit Killed Sport Plus?

I recently purchased my first Porsche 981. I love the car but the Sport Plus feature is not working. The dealership says the Alpine head unit installed in the car prevents the car from entering Sport Plus. The Sport Mode works. Apparently the Sport Plus option needs the factory CDR to work properly. Does anyone know if there is a work around for the Sport Plus system without replacing the Alpine stereo?

I would like to update my Stereo head with blue tooth and and SirusXM. I have the Bose and it sounds great. Is it worth the update.

What is the best way to go about updating my stereo head on my bose system.   I would like to get SirusXM and Blue tooth if at all possible.

The Bose system is great so I am wondering if it is even worth the cost and trouble.


I have a 2014 cayman S, what battery replacement do you suggest?

1) I have a 2014 Cayman S.

6200 miles on the odometer.

I drive 2-3000, miles a year, store in a unheated garage, start the car weekly in the winter.

What battery replacement do you suggest?


2) Do you suggest that I use a battery maintainer?


Cayman fog lamp swap to Boxster: Is it 'Plug and Play'?

Need expertise to determine whether front fog and running lamps are interchangeable between a Cayman and a 987 Boxster. Thanks for any help you can provide


I have the Cobb Accessport for the car; and I can see codes.  How do i reset the Service Engine Reminder after an Oil Change, etc....?  Can I do so with the Cobb?



Charging battery

For my 2014 Cayman S, with a OEM glass mat battery, is it acceptable to hook up a 2 Amp battery charger directly to the battery and charge the battery without removing any battery cables from the vehicle battery? How long would you recommend charging with this amperage? The car has been sitting for 3 weeks and still the engine cranks well.
I understand I could purchase a small trickle charger , however, I have this one handy and I believe two amps is quite a low charge . Thank you in advance, Aloha, David

Headlight Lense Issue

Driver's side headlight lens is crazing and a tad bit  faded.You can only see a difference with the headlights off. The light source from left and right are perfectly matched(same brighteness and color).  Is is possible for me to replace only the lense and not the entire assembly? In either case can you point me in the right direction?

replacement key

When I bought the car 18 months ago it had only one key.  I understand an additional key is a dealer item only.  The dealer parts dept. tells me the sevice department has to have the car to program the key.  The closest dealer is 350 miles away.  Is this the only option?

Thanks, Greg

vin:  WPOAA29828U761770



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