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Flashing brake lights on 718 in USA

Do 2018 Caymans have adaptive/flashing brake lights? When breaking in a greater than normal fashion, ie like in an emergency, a sudden stop, or when breaking more aggressively.

If NOT, how can it be done?

And want would be needed to get it done?

-Can a tunning shop code it into the existing ECU software?

 Or Needs a code from the dealership, done at the dealership upon request?

Thank you in advance  


PDK Indicator for selector-lever position and engaged gear

I, continually, see the tiny, red LED on the instrument cluster indicating where the transmission is e.g. "P", "R", "N", "D", or "M". Red is universally used to indicate something has gone awry. Is there a "fix" to change the LED to blue or green, etc.?

2016 cayman P9F cd to the jukebox

Can I transfer albums from my store bought cd to this juke box

Porsche Battery Maintainer


I live in Michigan and bought a 2014 Cayman S this summer, it will be parked in an indoor storage facility WITHOUT electricity.

I've heard that you really don't want to remove the battery as it causes all kinds of havoc with the car (not sure if true).

At any rate I have a Porsche Battery Maintainer (

Rear Spoiler, Manual Switch not Working

I was able to have a friend follow me and verify that the spoiler was going up at speed and down while decelerating back to 50mph. It was working perfectly. SO, it is not the spoiler mechanism itself and could be the manual switch itself, the wiring from that switch to the unit itself OR ???  As long as it works automatically when I'm driving it I can do without the manual operation for now. Raising it manually helps when washing and waxing the car for me. I do have a new switch but haven't installed it yet and I'm not positive that will fix the problem.

When attaching my Porsche battery tender the unit only operates for about 30 minutes before going into a fault mode.

When I attach my Porsche battery tender it only operates for about 30 minutes before the power light begins flashing and the battery condition/program lights go out.  This happens regardless of which12v power port I’m connected to.  I have tried to initiate the connection with the ignition in the accessory position and well as when the engine is running, doors open/closed, with the same results. I took the vehicle to my Porsche dealer who told me everything was working correctly.  ?.

Cabin release for front trunk not working

Recently the cabin lever that opens the frunk is not working.  The remote will still open the frunk AND the hatch will open with the lever or the remote. I've googled and searched the web. All that comes up are dead battery issues with a non opening frunk. Where do I start to fix this thing? Thanks in advance! 

Non-OEM Battery and Initialize Battery After Replacement

Two questions regarding replacement of the Porsche battery.

1)  Is it acceptable to install a new non-OEM battery which meets all of the specifications?

2)  Is it critical or necessary to initialize the new battery after installation?

Thanks in advance.

Retro-fit missing Cayman options

Is it possible to retro-fit the front and rear parking assist systems?  I find it challenging to park without hitting something, particularly in the front, given the very low height of the car with attendent lack of visibility.

Why does the heater/air cond. fan, which I turn off, always is back on when I restart?

Why does the heater/air conditioner fan (2015 Cayman), which I turn off (and the display says it's off), always is back on when I restart? 


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