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Non-OEM Battery and Initialize Battery After Replacement

Two questions regarding replacement of the Porsche battery.

1)  Is it acceptable to install a new non-OEM battery which meets all of the specifications?

2)  Is it critical or necessary to initialize the new battery after installation?

Thanks in advance.

Retro-fit missing Cayman options

Is it possible to retro-fit the front and rear parking assist systems?  I find it challenging to park without hitting something, particularly in the front, given the very low height of the car with attendent lack of visibility.

Why does the heater/air cond. fan, which I turn off, always is back on when I restart?

Why does the heater/air conditioner fan (2015 Cayman), which I turn off (and the display says it's off), always is back on when I restart? 

987 Cayman ...rear deck not opening with remote

The rear hatch on my 2006 Cayman S will not open with either of my remotes. I has done so in the recent past so this is a new issue. Works fine with the lever by the driver's seat. And the remotes work fine for locking and for the frunk. Looking for suggestions before I start digging in. I'm assuming it might be a faulty actuator, but I know BMW's and nothing about the Porsche arrangement. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.

PCM Display Issue

If I'm playing preset radio choice #4, or something other than #1, before turning off the motor,  upon returning about ten or more minutes later, choice #4 will be playing with the title and artist displayed but the highlighted choice is #1.  On some occaisons, a third station will be playing with the artist and title from the previous station while #1 is highlighted.  Essentially, the station display changes after the vehicle is shut off and then restarted.

The auto engine stop function is not working in my 2016 Cayman. Any suggestions before I take it in to the dealer? Thanks

When coming to a complete stop with the foot on the brake and the car in neutral, the engine is supposed to automatically shut off to save fuel.  This function is not being activated in my car.  Any suggestions before taking it in to the dealer?  Thank you 

718 Stability management

Does someone explain the technical differences between the “PSM sport on, Limited Stability” and the PSM “Off”?

It seems when you have it on Stability Limited (which makes you think that there is still some of it working) the car gets out of control much easier and sooner, then when is completely OFF (when you would think there is Nothing ON).

Or When do ypu use one compare to the other?

I mean when driving on pavement at a fast to aggressive pace. And not on snow, mud or dirt,

Installing trickle charger directly to battery, trunk light will not go off unless the trunk lid is completely shut. Is there a way to turn the trunk light off while charging the batter? shut

I have just installed a smart trickle charger directly to the battery in my 2017 Cayman S, rather than running the wires through the window into the console plug. The problem is that the trunk light stays on unless the trunk lid is tightly closed. Is there a way to turn off the trunk light with the trunk lid slightly ajar? Larry S.

Air Bag Light

I have removed my stock seats and replaced them with track seats.

Is there a way to turn off the air bag light which is now always on due to the seat change?

Also is there a way to not have the radio come on every time I start my Cayman?






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