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C 40 oil for 718 GT4

I have a 2021 718 GT4 on order with an expected delivery in Dec.  I have read that the new 4 litre engines require C40 motor oil rather than the A40 oil most other Porsches use.  I understand the reason for the new oil are the new filters in the exhaust system.  I have also read that these new filters are somewhat de-activated in the U.S.

Coolant Flush

I was only able to remove about 60% of the coolant. Was the remaining 40% still locked in the heating system? What about "opening the thermostat"? Was I meant to do that somehow by heating up the engine? If so, would that not have made the coolant too pressurized to drain safely? The Pelican Parts guide I followed made no mention about either of these issues. Stupidly, I did not measure the amount I removed before moving to refill, so the car now has 60% new mixed with 40% old coolant. 


Spark plugs for 2014 981 Cayman S 3.4 l engine

Hi all! Working on making my first spark plug change in my 2014 3.4 l Cayman S.
It seems there are two ways I can go in purchasing these plugs.
First way is to go with Porsche labeled spark plugs with a part number of 999 - 170 - 151 - 90.
Second way is to go with Bosch OEM fgr5nqe04/0242245581.
The second way is one-third the price of the first way.
Does anyone know if these are the same spark plugs and if there is any reason I should go for the Porsche label spark plugs?

Do modern day Porsches still require Proper engine breakin

In the past Porsche 911 aircooled engines were dyno-tested for 30 min after assembly before installation in the new cars that were being built. After which there was a test drive lasting 20-30 km by factory technicians before delivery to the new owners. With the advent of post 996 -era the total volume of vehicles built and processed far exceeds the capacity to continue the afore mentioned traditional quality control.

Cayman with P0491 and P0492 codes

I have always taken pride in maintaining and repairing most problems on my cars myself. Recently my '07 Cayman presented engine codes P0491 and P0492 which are associated with the secondary air system. After researching the issue I resolved to test the secondary air valve, the changeover valve and the secondary air pump. After removing the engine covers, I was startled to find that these components were nestled UNDER the air intake distribution on the passenger side. Undaunted, I proceded to attempt to remove the air intake distribution to gain access.

987 engine replacement

I am considering buying a 2007 cayman that needs engine rebuild due to failed IMS.  Will a 9A1 engine be a direct fit or is it better to get a rebuilt 987 engine?

981 Spark Plug Interval

Pedro, You got my attention with your spark plug tend to seize answer in Panorama, July 2020.   I use time maintenance too and my local Indy guy says to keep driving as plugs don't wear out for many more miles.   What is risk reward on do it or don't do it?  Replace coil too?  
Another question-  I have 20" retrofitted wheels, and odometer is slightly incorrect.  Can I adjust or just live with in on future rallies?
Thanks, John

2006-2008 Porsche Cayman S IMS Bearing Issue

I want to buy a 2009-2012 987 and I'm realizing there are not many available.

However, I see many 2006-2008 available and within my budget.

What kind of checks should be performed on the first Cayman S model to make sure that the car doesn't have the IMS bearing problem?

Are all the first cayman engines affected by this problem?

Should an owner expect to replace the bearings at some point?

How much does it cost to replcace the IMS bearings?

is it a work that only Porsche dealers are supposed to perform?

Thanks a lot in advance.

2020 GT4 break in procedures...

I finaly recieved my GT 4 .  But im so concerned about the proper break in procedure... Reason being.. My 06 caymann s needed a motor at 25000 mi. I Dident listen to their advice witch was "just have at it" And i did break in procedures as one might expect... But the car lost the motor at 25000 miles... So... Im so confused.. do I just have at it . Or do a proper break in .This is a car im so concerned about. And my gut tells me that i shuld do a proper berak in. and i know what a berak in procedure intales. Im going to follow it rigorsly. But my experance with my first porsche .


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