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More Oil Changes = Less IMS Bearing Failures?

It is my understanding that the IMS bearing in M97 engines is sealed, i.e. no motor oil can get to the bearing's working surfaces. Why then are so many people correlating frequent oil changes with extended IMS bearing life?

If the IMS bearing seal gets damaged (the only condition under which engine oil and its change intervals could affect the bearing's lubrication at all), then one must assume that ordinary engine oil is sufficient lubricant even for a sealed roller bearing design.

Oil on spark plug threads; 981 CS. Cause for concern?

While changing my spark plugs last week as part of my 80K service, I observed oil on the the threads of the cylinder #1 spark plug. The tip and electrodes were dry and of normal color, as were all other plugs and their threads. I took it to a local dealer who pulled the plug and said there was no cause for concern.

Scheduled maint on a used 987.2

Spark plugs ( coils) have not been changed since 34,000 now 58,000 , no roughness in engine, Should they be changed ? 

 Recently purchased Cayman S.  Records are not clear but seems brake fluid has not been flushed since July 2012. Should it be flushed soon ?




Ticking noise intermittent

Just replaced one O2 sensor and thermostat.  In process of burping the coolant.  Noticed ticking sound now that the engine cover is off.  Not sure if related to the repair?  Seems like it is coming from the fuel injectors, since I listened via a metal rod touched to the fuel pipe.  The ticking starts up after two minutes of starting when at idle.  Rate of ticking seems to keep time with engine but then accelerates even as engine stays idle.  This seems to suggest a pump separate from engine cranking.  It comes and goes.  Is this a problem?  Should it send a fault code or other signal that c

Lots of white smoke and engine codes P2187 andP0301

So I have codes P0301 adn P2187. I have no engine lights that cam on just white smoke comes out of the exhuast at starting. A big plume in fact. I am thinking a oil air seprator. I have had the O2 sensors codes come up for a while now and clear them Hopfully I haven't ruined a cylider. It states a misfire and being to lean at start. Any help would be great.

Happy turkey day all as well.


Rev Limiter

Why would a dealer want to check the rev limiter on a car with a PDK that was tracked before providing a price for the car. 

What does this data show?

718 oil change DIY

Is there a DIY thread on how to perform an oil/filter change on this car?

Oil change/ periodic maintenance for 2017 Porsche 718

 My car has seen a couple of track days and has performed flawlessly, I would like some information on DIY oil changes along with any other periodic maintenance that should be adhered to.  Thanks  




Plenum Mods on Production class

I Autocross in PCA class P-06 (production). I wanted to know if adding an inproved plenum - like the IPD or the one from a GT3 is allowed in that class. How about the larger throttle body form the GT3 or 4? Thanks



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