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Reliable independent service in Greater Washington DC

I have owned my Porsche Cayman for two years and was told by the dealer that I would need major service/tune-up at 80,000 miles. The dealer estimated the cost at $2500 for this service. Any recommnedations for reliable independent service centers in the Greater Washington Dc area that might be less expensive than the dealer? 

Can we use Catback exhaust and still be in stock class?

Okay so this might be a baseless question, but hear me out. The first rule says "Accessories, gauges, indicators, lights and other appearance modifications which have no effect on performance and/or handling and do not materially reduce the weight of the car are permitted." I believe that a catback alone cannot alter the performance of a car magically as the exhaust gases are restricted the most by the catalytic converters. The catbacks are just better sounding accessories. Maybe a supporting intake modification combined with a tune can improve the performance.

2007 Cayman Base - oil change requirements

Oil change frequency is the question.

Origional manual says 2 years or 20,000 miles.

Supposedily new rule.

Changed oil 9-15-2009   put on less than 2400 miles. 

Would you suggest an oil change? NOW?

I think it would be insane with 7 quarts on a 2.7 litre engine  

Car driven almost every day ... 3 plus miles to office  with other trips.  In speed controlled Carlisle and environs





Spark plug change interval

I'm hoping you can address a question on Porsche's spark plug change intervals.  While Porsche dictates the change based on either mileage or time (for example, 30,000 miles or 3 years), I don't see how time/age is a factor in the wear of a spark plug.  If I drive 5,000 miles/year doing longish weekend drives instead of spending an inordinate amount of time idling in traffic,  I don't see how a spark plug deteriorates solely based on time.  Am I missing something?

Water pump replacement for 987 Cayman S

My 2006 987 Cayman S is running on the original water pump at 56K miles. I want to replace it before it fails, and I am wondering whether to use a standard OEM replacement or an upgraded aftermarket pump. Does anyone have any advice as to best replacement? I anticipate having the car for the long run. Also, is it advisable to replace the thermostat at the same time? Thanks in advance for any experience in this area!

Cayman 987.1 intake mods: IPD plenum with Trottle body

My Cayman S 3.4 liter is already equiped with a BORLA cat back exaust.  I make DE at Tremblant circuit (Rennsport region) a couple of times per year.  I want to install an IPD plenum on it.  Option : Buy the regular plenum with my OEM 74 mm TB, or put a competition plenum with the GT3 82 mm TB on it.  Does the increase of power of the second option worth the difference considering the use frequency on track  ? 

intake and exhaust recommendations

You like the Porsche sport exhaust and equal length headers.  What about the other side of the air equation?  What would you do to complement that exhaust for more hp.

Clean combustion chamber after AOS swap?

I recently experienced a total AOS failure during a canyon drive. When I saw the huge amount of instantaneous smoke I immediately pulled over, turned off the engine and towed the car home. I replaced the AOS, and during the job removed the plenum and throttle body to clean the oil that went into the intake to avoid further oil ingestion after the job. The car now runs smoke-free but is down on power, presumably because of fouled spark plugs, so I plan to swap those right away as well.

Anti-seize application on spark plugs ?

I am replacing the spark plugs on my 2014 Cayman S.   Is it recommended to apply a dab of a anti-seize paste on the spark plug threads or install them dry?    

Engine squeals at cold start on 2008 Cayman S

My engine squeals briefly at start up when the temp is below 50 degrees.  It does not squeal starting with a warm engine.  I suspected the belt but it was replaced recently and the squeal is still happening.  The mechanic assures me that he cleaned the belt pulley so that no residue from the old belt remained.  Thanks.  Dave Heumann


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