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Throttle adaptation/calibration

1 - Is throttle adaptation/calibration something that applies to my car specifically?
2 - If yes, what is the correct way to do it? (conflicting info on this as well)

Experience with PADM Alert 2014 Cayman S

At 19,500 miles, during a routine commute home at the end of the day, a PADM alert popped up.  The alert is still there, and I know now that the left dynamic mount is defective.  

Likely an electrical fault, as the mount itself is pristine ... no oil or signs of damage.  In search of various forums, I see that PADM faults and failure of the dynamic mounts are not uncommon.  Especially for the Boxster and Cayman model.

My Cayman S is a daily driver, and has been tracked about 5 times. My Cayman is meticulously maintained.

My questions to the community:

How high should the boil get to be safe

I was tracking this last weekend when it was quite hot. My oil went to 250F. I am running standard Mobile 1. This temperature seems to be too hoigh for the oil. 

Is this temperature normal for GT-4s?

Should I be running a different oil?

PCA Indy shops near Irvine CA

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know of a good Indy shop near Irvine CA? Just moved to the area and coming up on a service soon. Many thinks for the help. 

Chadd B. 

Chicago area shop for PPI and IMS DOF?

I am greatly considering buying a 2006 cayman s. I do want to track it through the PCA DE program. I am very concerned about the ims, oil starvation, and bore scoring issues.

Can anyone recommend a great Chicago area shop for advice, a PPI, and possibly to install a direct oil feed system and whatever is needed to prevent oil starvation. West suburbs preferred.

Greatly appreciate all help and comments. This will be my first Porsche and if it blows up my wife as well as my wallet will be very upset with me. Thanks!

Jeffrey Antonelli

TPC Turbo Kit

I have heard mix reviews about whether installing the TPC turbo kit on the Cayman is a good idea. Most people say no but TPC says they have been selling them for years with only 1 percent of customers having any issues. If they have tested it so much and done their homework etc.,are there any issues that would effect long term reliability of tbe car with regular oil changes, etc.

I would also like to find someone who has done it so I can ask them Direct questions.


More Oil Changes = Less IMS Bearing Failures?

It is my understanding that the IMS bearing in M97 engines is sealed, i.e. no motor oil can get to the bearing's working surfaces. Why then are so many people correlating frequent oil changes with extended IMS bearing life?

If the IMS bearing seal gets damaged (the only condition under which engine oil and its change intervals could affect the bearing's lubrication at all), then one must assume that ordinary engine oil is sufficient lubricant even for a sealed roller bearing design.

Oil on spark plug threads; 981 CS. Cause for concern?

While changing my spark plugs last week as part of my 80K service, I observed oil on the the threads of the cylinder #1 spark plug. The tip and electrodes were dry and of normal color, as were all other plugs and their threads. I took it to a local dealer who pulled the plug and said there was no cause for concern.

Scheduled maint on a used 987.2

Spark plugs ( coils) have not been changed since 34,000 now 58,000 , no roughness in engine, Should they be changed ? 

 Recently purchased Cayman S.  Records are not clear but seems brake fluid has not been flushed since July 2012. Should it be flushed soon ?





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