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Which IMS bearing to use?


Which IMS bearing for my 2006 Cayman is best? Most cost effective? 

Thanks Sam


Super low mileage 06 Cayman S , outside of regular oil changes , what else should I be doing, slow warm ups etc. ?

What is correct way to jack up a 981 Cayman?

Looking for a speedy, safe way to jack up a 981 to perfom oil changes and spark plug maintenance.  Equipment on hand are two jacks and two jack stands. Thanks for the help.

Reliability of engine modifications to Cayman

Hi, I’m a relatively new Cayman S owner and have been wondering about the pros and cons of potential modifications.  What types of modifications can be done without substantially decreasing reliability of the engine.  For example, are there any issues with only adding a cat-back exhaust? What about exhaust and headers?  

Top off engine coolant

Is it necessary to use a 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water to top off engine coolant?  Also, what type of coolant is appropriate?

Mid RPM Miss/Stumbling

I recently bought a 2014 CPO Cayman S with ~60k miles.   During acceleration I notice a momentarty stumbling in the 2k to 3k+ range.   Could this be a ignition issue (coils, sparkplugs).   I do not know if the spark plugs/coils have been changed.   There are no fault codes.    Any insight would be appreciated.  

981 Metal-to-Metal tapping

To provide a setting, I only detected this as I was rolling though a traffic light intersection between two closely set buildings – a distinct tapping.

At 1800RPM>, I get a metal/metal tapping when in neutral w/the clutch out. As I press the clutch in, it proceeds to go away.

The tapping isn’t totally in rhythm w/the RPM of the engine (so far). Does not get louder, just faster (It does sound wildly more expensive as you get beyond 2K-RPM>)

Drives great. No CEL. No loss of performance. Gas mileage about the same.

Engine Identification

I have a 2006 Cayman S with 21K miles on the clock. With reference to the IMS bearing,I understand that some early production cars were produced with earlier build M97 engines that were fitted with the small OD IMS bearing rather than the large OD bearing which is much less prone to failure.

Question: Can earlier build M97 engines with the small bearing be identified by engine serial number or vehicle VIN number ??

If so, where is the serial number located?



Crazy question looking to find out if you can put the 2.7 in the Cayman S

I have a nuts question I know. I have a Cayman S with a blown motor. I have to sleeve a cylinder pretty scored. SO the quotes I have are for around 12k. My question is can I put a 2.7 engine in the S cayman. I know it has been done the other way around with a remapping of the computer. I love my car and can't afford a new engine and a used one is near impossible to find. I can afford the 2.7 and I do not want to sell my car. I figure at a later time I can upgrade when the finances are better, I had the typical Cayman tick but it wasn't the lifters this time.


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