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Heating and Ventilation

Heater not working after coolant replacement

I just drained  and filled my coolant sytem using a Schwaben coolant refill/air purge tool.I was able to drain   about 5.5 gallons of coolant from the system.Once i reconnected all of the hoses I was only able to  hit about -13inHG on the purge tool.That number held steady for over five minutes, so I proceeded to refill the system,which only took a few minutes.I started the car and  there are no leaks,but  after about ten minutes of letting the car warm up and revving the engine with the pressure clip open the car slightly overheated( about 180 degrees) and heater is blowing cold air at the

981 Base Cayman Engine Compartment Fans

I recently purchased a 981 base Cayman. I see that there are engine compartment fans on both sides but I have only ever seen/heard the drivers side come on. From what I understand these fans only come on when certain criteria have been met. I have not seen any errors about fan failure. Could it be possible that in the times that I have checked that only one fan needed to be running or do they both typically come on at the same time? I have only had it since November so I have not driven it in the heat of summer. Should I ignore it or is further troubleshooting necessary?

Intermittent A/C


2006 Cayman S having an A/C issues. In hot weather 100+ A/C works when slowing down or idling. At speed or under easy  acceleration A/C immediately becomes noticably warmer and air flow decreases. cooling fans sound like they are running continously Freon levels appear good. I know 100+ is hot but why cold at idle then warm when moving? As always THANKS

How much R135a refrigerant and PAG oil to put in system after pressure switch replacement?

I had to replaced a broken A/C pressure switch/transducer. System refriregent escape. I’m vacuuming the system first and then will be adding refriregant and oil. The question is how much needs to go into the system?

How do you change the default cabin temperature in a 2017 Cayman S?

How do you change the default cabin temperature in a 2017 Cayman S? I can't seem to find that information in the owner's guide. Larry S.

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