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Roll Bar removal-2007 Cayman S

2007 Cayman S,

PCA member that may know the removal time for a Roll Bar within my cab?  Have a headliner to replace and the dealer is stating it would take about 6 hours and $700.

Thank you.


987 Cayman rear quarter window tightening procedure

Hi there - my rear quarter windows are squeaking/rattling over bumps...  I had this issue with a previous 997 and the dealer tightened them under warranty. I've also read in forums that this is a common issue, but the fix people seem to mention is taking off the trim around the seatbelt guide and tightening a bolt that has an allen with a nut around it. Many have reported breaking that bolt when they try to tighten, and I assume there's a proper procedure for adjusting that glass panel. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks!





Cayman rattle in dash area

There is a rattle in my 2016 Cayman that seems to be coming from the right front area of the cabin.  I cannot seem to locate and quiet the rattle.  Does anyone have experience with this problem?  I hesitate to take it to the dealer since I don’t have confidence that they will want to or be able to fix it.  Thanks for any assistance!

Have others experienced Cayman headliner failure?

Have others experienced Cayman headliner failure?  I was disappointed this week when the headliner in my low mileage 2006 Cayman S interior headliner failed.  This is my 4th Porsche never had this happen before.  Is there a repair of the headliner or must we replace it with a $1,700 part?  Does Porsche recognize this issue as a recall item, perhaps?  


18 way Adaptive Sport Seats

I have a 2014 Cayman S (981) with 14 way heated sport seats with memory feature.  I am considering swapping the 14 way sport seats with 18 way Adaptive heated sports seats with memory feature.  Would this be a simple 'plug and play' type of change? 


Can I add a rear view mirror with auto dimming to 986 s 2000 and/or to a 2006 987 Cayman S.

18 way seats

Can I retrofit the 18 way heated adaptive sport seats to my 2014 Cayman S which currently has 14 way heated sport seats?

interior lighting

Hi Pedro i have 2014 base cayman and have q question regarding entry and exit interior lights. it seems when i get in or out there doesn't seem to a light that comes on inside. I've looked under the pCm menu and i don't have the option of "my vehicle" just 'my car". Is there a switch somewhere that controls lighting as one enters and exits vehicle ? Thanks again Pedro for your valued assistance. Bo



I need technical instructions on how to replace the driver's side door latch and spring.

I am not finding any detailed info on how to disasemble and replace the driver's side door latch and cable. After searching the internet forms, it would appear as though some small plastic part has broken.  I have already order the parts online but have not seen anything difinitive to explain the process.  Thank you.

Is it possible to get standard seats reupholstered in leather?

Is it possible to get my 2017 Cayman's standard seats reupholstered in leather by the dealer? Does anyone have a ball park estimate of cost for standard black leather?


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