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Window regulator

After installing a new window regulator on the passenger side of the car how do You get the travel adjustment from all the way down to all the way up.

Steering Wheel

Recently removed the factory steering wheel to wrap in new leather, prior to removing the wheel I marked the steering wheel location on both the wheel and column. After reassembly I cannot get the wheel centered while driving. The wheel has a new centerline mark which I did not have before, if I point the wheel straight the car tracks slightly left. I disassembled made a slight adjustnemt and now it tracks right. My thoughts. The car is slighlty out of alignment which i never noticed until the new wheel with centerline mark? or I somehow screwed up the install.

2008 Cayman rear-view mirror

How do I separate the housing trim from the base of the auto-dimming rear view mirror to access the button? I've tried prying apart but am afraid of destroying it if I pry any harder. The button is still in the housing and off the windshield.

Dash Board Glare

Is there any easy to apply product that one can apply to the shinny bits on the dash board and stearing wheel that would stop sun glare from these items and not ruin the finish when removed?  This is a real annoyance and I consider it a major design flaw in a car that is supposed to be a drivers car.

981 Cayman door panel warping

Both door panels are beginning to show a slight warping, especially when sitting in the summer sun for extended periods.  Since the car is out of warranty, can you recommend a repair method?  Adhesive - what brand/type?  Or more body clips?  I’m assuming Porsche will not honor a goodwill replacement.


CDR24 problem

CDR24 - seems to have become possessed.  The display has gone blank and the station buttons have stopped working. The on/off button sometimes works and the volume sometimes works.  I can change radio station by turning the right button.... sometimes.   On a whim I put in a CD which worked except I could not see the track.  Then the eject button didn't work.  I tried countless button combinations and suddenly the eject worked.  On/off and TP combination made the display show but only while holding them simultaniously.

Door handle / window issue

Drivers inside door handle will not completely return and window is now intermittent. When door is shut it sounds as if some thing is loose/ rattle 

Everything detached on rear view mirror from front windshield, Cayman S 2008, how best to get it reattached?

<p>Entire mirror, metal ring and central soft sensor material detached from my windshield.&nbsp; Was told by service advisor only way to get it back was to buy a new front windshield.&nbsp; Have tried several suggested adhesives for metal ring to reattach but success was short lived and entire things came off again.&nbsp; Is a new windshield the only good fix?</p>

Recommendation for discoloration of pebble gray leather interior.

I have a 2014 base Cayman that has the two tone Agate Gray and Pebble Gray all leather interior including the dash. The Pebble Gray, which is the lighter color of the two and is the color of the seats and door panels has discoloration in the form of yellowish staining around the seems on both the seats and the door panels. Is there a leather cleaner and/or conditioner that would work to reduce or minimize that discoloration? Have there been other Porsche owners with the same issues with discoloration of the Pebble Gray? 


Fred Grossfeld, PCA Hurricane Region


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