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Door handle / window issue

Drivers inside door handle will not completely return and window is now intermittent. When door is shut it sounds as if some thing is loose/ rattle 

Everything detached on rear view mirror from front windshield, Cayman S 2008, how best to get it reattached?

<p>Entire mirror, metal ring and central soft sensor material detached from my windshield.&nbsp; Was told by service advisor only way to get it back was to buy a new front windshield.&nbsp; Have tried several suggested adhesives for metal ring to reattach but success was short lived and entire things came off again.&nbsp; Is a new windshield the only good fix?</p>

Recommendation for discoloration of pebble gray leather interior.

I have a 2014 base Cayman that has the two tone Agate Gray and Pebble Gray all leather interior including the dash. The Pebble Gray, which is the lighter color of the two and is the color of the seats and door panels has discoloration in the form of yellowish staining around the seems on both the seats and the door panels. Is there a leather cleaner and/or conditioner that would work to reduce or minimize that discoloration? Have there been other Porsche owners with the same issues with discoloration of the Pebble Gray? 


Fred Grossfeld, PCA Hurricane Region

Roll Bar removal-2007 Cayman S

2007 Cayman S,

PCA member that may know the removal time for a Roll Bar within my cab?  Have a headliner to replace and the dealer is stating it would take about 6 hours and $700.

Thank you.


987 Cayman rear quarter window tightening procedure

Hi there - my rear quarter windows are squeaking/rattling over bumps...  I had this issue with a previous 997 and the dealer tightened them under warranty. I've also read in forums that this is a common issue, but the fix people seem to mention is taking off the trim around the seatbelt guide and tightening a bolt that has an allen with a nut around it. Many have reported breaking that bolt when they try to tighten, and I assume there's a proper procedure for adjusting that glass panel. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks!





Cayman rattle in dash area

There is a rattle in my 2016 Cayman that seems to be coming from the right front area of the cabin.  I cannot seem to locate and quiet the rattle.  Does anyone have experience with this problem?  I hesitate to take it to the dealer since I don’t have confidence that they will want to or be able to fix it.  Thanks for any assistance!

Have others experienced Cayman headliner failure?

Have others experienced Cayman headliner failure?  I was disappointed this week when the headliner in my low mileage 2006 Cayman S interior headliner failed.  This is my 4th Porsche never had this happen before.  Is there a repair of the headliner or must we replace it with a $1,700 part?  Does Porsche recognize this issue as a recall item, perhaps?  


18 way Adaptive Sport Seats

I have a 2014 Cayman S (981) with 14 way heated sport seats with memory feature.  I am considering swapping the 14 way sport seats with 18 way Adaptive heated sports seats with memory feature.  Would this be a simple 'plug and play' type of change? 


Can I add a rear view mirror with auto dimming to 986 s 2000 and/or to a 2006 987 Cayman S.


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