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18 way seats

Can I retrofit the 18 way heated adaptive sport seats to my 2014 Cayman S which currently has 14 way heated sport seats?

interior lighting

Hi Pedro i have 2014 base cayman and have q question regarding entry and exit interior lights. it seems when i get in or out there doesn't seem to a light that comes on inside. I've looked under the pCm menu and i don't have the option of "my vehicle" just 'my car". Is there a switch somewhere that controls lighting as one enters and exits vehicle ? Thanks again Pedro for your valued assistance. Bo



I need technical instructions on how to replace the driver's side door latch and spring.

I am not finding any detailed info on how to disasemble and replace the driver's side door latch and cable. After searching the internet forms, it would appear as though some small plastic part has broken.  I have already order the parts online but have not seen anything difinitive to explain the process.  Thank you.

Is it possible to get standard seats reupholstered in leather?

Is it possible to get my 2017 Cayman's standard seats reupholstered in leather by the dealer? Does anyone have a ball park estimate of cost for standard black leather?

Why did my 07 Cayman head liner fall while sitting in my garage?

My Colbalt Blue 07 Cayman (bought new) only has 40K miles and spends most of it's life in my garage. Hopped in one day and something was touching my head. The head liner has fallen -starting in the rear by the hatch opening and looks loose all over on the roof. Is this common and what's the best way to fix or should I take it to my dealer and replace?



Installing Cloth Insets on Leather Heated Seats

I ordered my Cayman S "old school" - Manual Transmission, Manual (well, 4 way) Sports Seats, X73 Sports Suspension, CD Changer, no Nav, etc. I want to take it a step further and put plaid inserts into the Sport Seats (black all leather interior, with Porsche crests on the seats). The fabric I have selected is an European-sourced Poly/Cotton pattern used in the MK1 VW GTI (Black/White/Red plaid). I have a top-notch interior guy at the ready to do the installation.

2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S PDK-Hatch Rattle

I am getting a slight rattle at times from the hatch area.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and what is the best fix?  I am aware that Caymans have been notorious for hatch rattles.



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