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Cayman CV Boot Leaks

During a recent rear brake service I noticed that the CV boots at both ends were leaking grease. There are no rips in the boot - the clamps are just no longer doing their job, allowing grease to squeeze out and fling onto the inside of the wheel and suspension on one end, against the engine on the other. Should I be concerned, what's the best approach to fixing this, and how can I prevent it?

Dealer or Independant?

Newbie question

I bought a CPO 2012 Cayman S from Pfaff Porsche in Toronto. The warranty is for 2 years.

Should I get it serviced at Pfaff?

Should I get it serviced by an independant shop?

Should I get it serviced at Pfaff for 2 years and then switch to an independant?

Thanks for your advice.

Im planning to install a wing on my 2007 Caymna S

It's advisale to install a rear wing on my 007 Cayman S. What's your recommended

obtaining a build sheet

Is it possible to obtain a build sheet for my 2006 Cayman S.

I would like to know what factory options were installed in this car.

Vin # WP0AB29886U782701

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Dennis Offner

Park Assist parking sensors. Front parking sensors frequently overly active.

Parking Assist sensors overly active. Front parking sensors frequently activate below 9 mph when objects are not in proximity. Dealership has reviewed under Warranty and finds no faults. Rear sensors are operating normally. Others experience similar issues? 

Where can I find a detailed illustration of 2015 Cayman body, suspension and drive-train?

Where can I find a detailed, exploded illustration of 2015 Cayman body, suspension and drive-train?  I would llike to understand the detailed construction

in order to do general maintenance and repair, not engine/transmission/electrical system rebuilds (although I've done that in the distant past)?


i am new to owning a porsche i have noticed a small amount of condesation on the front headlight assembly , it goes away but not sure if this is normal. i have done some reading and cant get a straight answer, i have cpo coverage and also interested to find out if the replacement headlight should be covered. i spoke with a local dealership they said it was normal and wouldn't replace it.thanks for any help



How to get a Build Sheet 2007 Cayman

How may I get a “build sheet” for my Cayman? To whom do I write?May I get it through PCA? Thanks



Catalytic Converter Rattle repair options

I tried to post this once already, hope it isn't going up twice now. New to the forum here...

I have an exhaust system rattle of my Cayman R. Autoform in Vancouver says catalytic converters on both sides are going, though left much further along. Parts through Porsche here in Vancouver would fun $7K CDN plus labour of course. Cheaper Porsche parts are apparently available elsewhere but I'm wondering about two other options.

Catalytic Converter Rattle repair options

Cayman R question, I have searched the database not finding exactly the answer.

I have a pretty audible rattle left side exhaust system. Thought it was a heat shield, but Autoform in Vancouver took the car apart and they say catalytic converters, plural. Left side far gone, right on the way. One expensive solution is to use Porsche parts through Porsche Vancouver which equals $7K CDN for the cat units and associated parts, plus labour. There are Porsche parts to be had elsewhere for somewhat less.


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