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How to respond to classified ads?

Hello, this is not a car question but I just joined PCA and want to purchase something off the classified ads but can't for the life of me figure out where to contact the seller. What am I doing wrong? Thank you

Steering wheel does not lock in and out function to drive car ?

2007 Cayman S steering is locked when key is out... but put key in and pull the adjustment lever down and adjust in and out to where you are comfortable with the steering wheel, close the adjust locking lever and the wheel doesn't lock in the position selected moves freely back and forth.. how does one fix this? HELP !

Hydraulic (?) Noise when I turn the steering wheel left/right

I recently noticed a hydraulic (?) noise when I turn my steering wheel left and right. I hear it both at a stop and when in motion. My Porsche dealer examined my car a month or so ago, and reported no issues/no cause for concern. The noise has progressively become louder since then, however. I compare the noise I hear to that I have historically associated with manipulating the forks on a forklift. Anybody know the sound? Anybody have any suggestions? Cause for concern, or no? Thanks!

Where can a floor jack be positioned to safely jack up a 718 Cayman/Boxster?

Where is a safe place to position a floor jack to lift a 718 so that jack stands can be placed under the four "built-in" jack points?  Thanks!

2011 Cayman S 987.2 known issues?

Wondering if there are any KNOWN and/or reoccuring issues with the 987.2 PDK Cayman S models out there?  Looking at one with 107k miles, and complete maintenance (Porsche dealer) from new, 2 owners.  Great condition....just wanted to get a feel for anything potentially going bad?  OR rock solid performers?


Jerry Widner sends...

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Is it common for 2006 Cayman S with PDK to have an RMS leak?

I have a 2006 Cayman S. I took my car to a Porsche dealership & I was informed that I had a leaking RMS. Is this a common problem? What is the average cost for an RMS replacement?

Cold air induction syatem for 2014 cayman

I recently purchased a 2014 cayman base. Does anyone sell a cold air induction syatem for this car?

Air Filter

When re installing a new air filter on a 987.2 . Does the air filter lip go on the outside of the air box housing or on the inside ?

Cayman S Air Filter

I am new to the PCA and a recent owner of a low mile 2009 Cayman S. I am just starting to do basic maintence on it and I am unsure how to mount the new air filler. Does the air filter go over the car's airbox housing or into it ?



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