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What is maintenance schedule for 2009 Cayman?

I am looking for both the interval and tasks associated with each interval  




Grease Streaks Inside of Rim, RR

I just purchased a 2006 Cayman S and while cleaning the left rear rims I noticed grease streaks on the inside of the wheel. I am going to remove the wheels to see if I can determine the source but was wondering if anyone else has encountered this?

Will I receive monthly magazines with my siscription and also a PA decal ?

Hello , I have many friends in the PCA and they all tell me that they receive by mail a monthly Porsche magazine. Will my annual subscription apply for the same benefits ? And how do I get my PCA decal ? Been a member for 1 1/2 month already and haven't received anything yet . Is it normal ?

missing data bank sticker

Sticker listing Vin and options missing from car and owners books.  Can a new one be obtained? If yes how? Thanks

The 2018 Consumer Reports Buying Guide

On page 191 of Consumer Reports 2018 Buying Guide the 2014 Porsche Cayman is listed as a used car to "Avoid".  Can you shed any light on this?  The listing did not specify what issues were reported.  I own a 2014 Cayman which has been flawless to date.

Should you begin driving immediately after cold start?

Should you begin driving car immediately after cold start or wait for RPMs to drop to normal idle?


I can not for the life of me get the windshield on my 987  2007 Cayman S   clean. It appears to be the OEM GLASS       Saint-Gobain Sekurit  DOT617 AS1 M452   43R  -  002687       E8 CCC   E000234   MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC.

If it gets least bit fogged its and very difficult to see out of.   Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  JPB

Using an i phone for directions

I have an I phone 8 but the same problem occured with my I phone 6. If i am using the I phone for directions the phone will no longer access the on board communications (hand free). The car is equiped with the PCM Infotainment Package. Its as if blue tooth is no loner functioning. (but it shows phn is connected) Doesnt matter if I use google or apple  maps. . Phone does not ring through the system nor can u play music. Any suggestions  

How do I get my 981 on four jack stands safely?

Pedro has described a technique for getting a 986/987 up on jack stands using a floor jack bascially getting the stands under the front jack points and then lifting the rear of the car with the floor jack and placing jack stands under the rear jack points. My question is where, if there is a safe place (for me and the car), can I position the saddle of the floor jack on my 981? I would really appreciate a photo if it is possible to jack up the rear from the middle somewhere.

Thanks for your time and expertise.


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