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Sport Mode retrofit or Software Tune?

I realize this is a matter of opinion, but what would you say would be more likely to add (road) driving pleasure on a base 987: the Sport Mode retrofit or a software tuning? And if the answer is tuning, is there one you'd recommend (M Engineering, Softronic, etc)? And if the answer is save your money and press the pedal, that would be good to hear, too. Thanks.

When is a car considered to have been “tracked”?

I know that when buying a sports car, many buyers want to know, and have concerns whether a vehicle has been “tracked” or not. My car has never been on a track, partly because I want to be able to honestly tell a future buyer that it has never been “tracked”. But I would be very interested in taking a HPDE class, not for racing purposes, but to become a better driver. Would participation in an HPDE class through the PCA be considered “tracking” a car?.

Engine failures

Hi Pedro I am on the hunt for a 2009 to 2012 Gen2 Cayman. I thought I had all this motor stuff behind me feeling very confident that Porsche has resolved the IMS & Bore Scoring & piston slap. I felt confident that anything from 2008 is relatively safe. then I talk to a few mechanics and they are saying not so fast. It is still an issue just not so much. can i get your valued opinion on this? I know that a PPI should always be done and whatever I decide on I will get that done prior.


Joe Smedley

Build sheet

Can you obtain the build sheet on a Porsche and if so, how? Thought I saw something on this once? Thanks, Don

Mods for HPDE

Hi, I have been tracking my Cayman S stock for about a year, done 8 or so days on track. I also drive to events, and like to take the car for trips up the Central Coast. I've tracked North a bit-  Seca and Buttonwillow lately.

2017 Cayman S whistling Noise

I bought a beautiful 2017 Cayman S 718. I've noticed that when I drive at 65 or above I have wind noise right behind the driver side. Window. It pretty annoying and I was wondering if this is something anyone else has experienced. Is there a solution for this? 

What is a good OBDII Scanner for a 2007 Cayman S

I am looking for a good quality OBDII scanner for my 2007 Cayman S that will provide both details on codes and problems but will also shut off the indicators once the issues are addressed.



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