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08 Base Cayman - Is the ignition switch lighted ?

I will title this one as: Struggle to see the light....

Ok, let me get the fact that I'm about to retire in a few years as the reason for my asking this question.  Is the ignition switch lighted ?  Every time I go to start the car at night, I always struggle finding the ignition switch to put the key into to start the car, because there is no lighting in the area.  


SPC Build 2019-questions

I have a copy of the rules/regulations for SPC in the 2017 PCA Club Racing Rules.  As I am just starting this build, and plan on running it for the next few seasons starting 2019, I am curious if there are any proposed changes to vehicle setup for next season(2019)? Don't want to invest in items now that will be changing next season - such as tires, wheels, suspension, etc.  Especially tire choice/size changes.  Any help is much appreciated.  Thank you.

Intermittent Power Window

The passenger side power window stops mid way up or down even if i hold the botton. I has never gotten stuck down or up. It just stops, when I reactivate the power button it goes up or down completely.Could it be a limit type switch?



Window lowers upon opening passenger's door but fails to raise after closing door

My 2006 Cayman S has developed a peculiar problem with its passenger's side window.  Upon opening the door, the window retracts 1/4 inch or so, as designed, but then after that door is once again closed, the window fails to rise to its fully closed position automatically.  I have repeatedly attempted to "reset" the actuator in the hopes that some sort of a software logic error (e.g.

What is maintenance schedule for 2009 Cayman?

I am looking for both the interval and tasks associated with each interval  




Grease Streaks Inside of Rim, RR

I just purchased a 2006 Cayman S and while cleaning the left rear rims I noticed grease streaks on the inside of the wheel. I am going to remove the wheels to see if I can determine the source but was wondering if anyone else has encountered this?

Will I receive monthly magazines with my siscription and also a PA decal ?

Hello , I have many friends in the PCA and they all tell me that they receive by mail a monthly Porsche magazine. Will my annual subscription apply for the same benefits ? And how do I get my PCA decal ? Been a member for 1 1/2 month already and haven't received anything yet . Is it normal ?

missing data bank sticker

Sticker listing Vin and options missing from car and owners books.  Can a new one be obtained? If yes how? Thanks

The 2018 Consumer Reports Buying Guide

On page 191 of Consumer Reports 2018 Buying Guide the 2014 Porsche Cayman is listed as a used car to "Avoid".  Can you shed any light on this?  The listing did not specify what issues were reported.  I own a 2014 Cayman which has been flawless to date.


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