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Rear Left Suspension Noise

Have PASM, When going fast over humped/raised road for train track as the suspension is unloaded there is a noise from the rear left sort of like metal to metal.

Jacked the rear of the car as I force the wheel up and down with a long stick notice the bottoming noice as i let it down, righ side same the test is smoth as i release the down motion.

Feels like if the shock is hitting a limit as it extends. No Codes.

Do I have a damages of bad shock?



Brown (rust?) spots on floor next to inside front wheels both sides

Two days sitting in garage after a 100 mile road trip, found several 1" diameter brown spots on floor next to inside side of wheel/tire, both left and right front. Spots are dry and do not have oily feel.   Spot shape has a plop look.  Washed car 4-5 days before.  If it is residual car wash water, what would turn it brown or rusty?

Road trip did not encounter wet weather or wet roads.   

How many Porsches have brown spots on their garage floor or driveway?


Experience with PADM Alert 2014 Cayman S

At 19,500 miles, during a routine commute home at the end of the day, a PADM alert popped up.  The alert is still there, and I know now that the left dynamic mount is defective.  

Likely an electrical fault, as the mount itself is pristine ... no oil or signs of damage.  In search of various forums, I see that PADM faults and failure of the dynamic mounts are not uncommon.  Especially for the Boxster and Cayman model.

My Cayman S is a daily driver, and has been tracked about 5 times. My Cayman is meticulously maintained.

My questions to the community:

Sway Bar Bushing Cap Bolts. Just FYI

May not be a universal  issue but in changing the sway bar bushings in the rear, the following occurred: Just bought the car and bushings looked factory original. I believe they use a pretty good shot of threadlock on the bolts. Upon trying to reinstall the bolts, long story short, I had to not only clean but chase the threads in the hole otherwise the bolts would not go it. Don't take the chance. YMMV.

On to the fronts.....



Suspension Noise 2015 718 Cayman

I just purchased this vehicle from the local Porsche dealership as a certified pre-owned car. When I took delivery I noticed that when turning full lock (either way) I would get a loud tire scrape sound or a suspension wind-up noise. I asked the salesman about this in the first week and was told, "You could drive any of the cars on this lot and they would do the same thing". I took that as gosple until winter came a few months later.

PASM not working, 981 Cayman S

PASMicon on my new to me 2016 CS seems always on. The light on the PASM button dutifully turns off and on but neither I nor the techs at the local dealer can tell the difference in ride between on and off.

Noise when turning Wheels at idle and on Dry Pavement

My 2008 Cayman Base makes a grinding noise when turning wheels lock to lock, it happens when parking and at engne idle. I took it into my local Porsche dealer and they diagnosed that the sterring rack was leaking. They replaced the sterring rack, tie rods and associated parts for a total  of $2800.00. The sterring feels fine to me at drive speeds but I'm still hearing the same noise turning the wheels at idle and the feeling in the sterring column and sterring wheel remains after the work was done.

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