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Is it possible to add rev matching?

I have a 2017 718 Cayman S with the PDK transmission and no Sport Chrono Package. Equiped this way there is no rev matching that occurs in any mode. Is it possible to add rev matching to my car, either through a dealer or an aftermarket vendor?

2014 Cayman PDK transmission oil change

Hello, I am asking this question as I am getting conflicting information.  My 2014 Cayman S is used only for DE events; typically 30 - 35 days per year.  Do I need to change the transmisson/gear oil more frequently than the manufacturer recommendation?  Additionally, when the service is performed does the transmission pan need to be replaced.  I have gotten different responses on this (is the filter integral to the pan?).

Thank you in adance for the reply.

Unintentionally going into reverse when wanting first gear in a 981

Hi everyone! Curious if anybody who has a 2014 to 2016 981 with a manual transmission sometimes goes into reverse gear when intending to go into first gear or is it just me not being careful?
If yes any thoughts on how to avoid this is greatly appreciated. Once every so often I almost Ram into the guy behind me when I am expecting to go forward. Not good!
Maybe I just need to pay more attention to which gear I'm in , but it seems that sometimes the lever goes into reverse when I thought it was in first gear.
Thank you, Aloha, David

PDK starting on 2nd gear some times

In the last year in a few occasions when put on D the car starts on 2nd gear, have to go back to P then D to get it to go into 1st, after that car runs perfect, in the last two weeks it's happend twice, is the PDK in trouble?? 2014 Cayman S, 27,000 miles.



2nd Gear Grind

I’ve been have problems shifting into 2nd gear from 1st where occasional grind occurs. This happens at random both when the car is warm and cold. Down shifts work fine on all gears. Recent 3 year service was done by local Porsche dealer.  Recent recall was done on transmission also. Any insights would be helpful. 






Where can I get parts to rebuilt my transmission.

I am told by the Mechanic where my car is at that the Transmission needs to be replaced with a new one because they can't find the parts.

2008 Cayman S Sticky Clutch

My 2008 Cayman S has a little over 173,000 miles on the odometer. I am still on the original clutch. I recently drove my car, and discovered when I pushed the clutch pedal down, it felt strange. It seemed to depress normally during most of the range of travel, but it seemed as if the pedal wanted to stick down. The clutch pedal hesitated to return, and the clutch slipped momentarily until the clutch pedal did return to the up/at rest position. This condition has come on very suddenly. I have not sensed any prior clutch issues, nor any sign of deterioration.

Triptronic Coolant Valve

Need to replace a leaking Coolant Valve on my  987 Cayman S, two questions: Does the coolant system need drained prior to install? Any tips or tricks accessing the valve? The area is somewhat accessible from the top and bottom but is really tight. Trying not to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to... All help is appreciated! Thanks


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