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fall is very much upon here in ny with winter close behind. i am wondering since i run 19 inch tires all year and am getting ready to switch over to 18 inch winter tires should i have the car alligned ? also can anyone reccomend a shop in the northern nj /rockland county  ny area  .

thanks very much for the help 


2018 Cayman S - CPO - Tires

Looking for suggestions on a summer and a winter tire. I currently have 19" Pirelli P-Zeros on the car and while they work well, they don't last too long. Looking for a viable summer replacement (N rated and won't be tracking the car anytime soon) and a winter option (N rated and live in the Chicago area). Thank you all!  

tire replacement a non name brand

I'm planning to replace 4 tire on my Cayman S front 235/35/19, rear 275/30/19, both Hankook Ventus. I'm replacing it Landsail LS588 UHP tires with good review, size front 235/35/19 or 245/40/19: rear 275/35/19 or 275/40/19. which you recommend for safety n performance.

981 Cayman S wheels

I just bought a 2015 Cayman S.  My Cup 2 track tires are on my 997 Turbo (gen 2) wheels.  Will these wheels fit my Cayman?  Thanks.

Winter wheel and tire storage

Do winter wheels and tires (Pirelli) need to be stored in an environmentally controlled area?

What is the temperature range to store these?



Tire pressure and TPMS


I have a couple of related question about tire pressure(s) in a 2007 (987.1) Cayman S.  To start with, there appears to be a discrepancy between the manual and the door placard.  On page 299 that manual suggests that correct pressures are 29 PSI in front and 36 PSI in back.  The door placard suggests 30 in front and 37 in back.  Which is correct?  TPMS appears to agree with the manual displaying cold pressure as 29/36 when initialized.  I have been following the door placard for quite some time now.

Blemishes on clear coated wheels

Please see the pictures attched.

I have a rear wheel that has some blemishes under the clear coat.  How do you remove the clear coat and what should I do to remove the blemishes?


Will 17" wheels from a 1994 964 fit a 2008 Cayman base.

I am considering a wheel swap on my 987.1 Cayman from 18" to 17" to allow more tire sidewall to soften the ride and reduce road noise.

I am also looking for a set of 964 wheels (see pic) and I want to verify that they will fit properly. 

I have staggered 18" wheels now.  Does not having staggered wheels matter?

As you can imagine, right now, performance is less important than comfort and that is what drives this modification.

Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated.

Cayman wheel spacers

2006 Cayman S, factory 18" wheels and tire size, H&R lowering springs.  What width of wheel spacers would look the best for the front and rear?

Thanks in advance for any comments/advice! 

tire size

please help !! i already bought tires and rims that didn't fit ugh

i understand i can put 18 inch rims on my 2014 cayman-s  for winter tires/rims the rear rim size is 18 x 9.5 x 49 i was told to use an 18 x 9 x43 can i use this new rim size without any issues ??

the fronts are good i believe in a 18 x 8 x 57 please tell me so



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