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2007 Cayman S, Can I change the tire size to 245/35/19 from 235/35/19, it will rub the wheel well

I replace my wheels n tires to 235/35/19 front, 275/30/19 from 235/40/18, 265/40/18 it is possible to change to 245/35/18 front, 295/30/19 rear, it will efffect the performance

vibtration, steering wheel,

I recentle rinstall my wheels tires to 19 inch staggered, 235/35/19 front; 275/30/19 rear with 5mm n 15 mm spacers front n back, while driving my steering shimming n vibtrating to much in high speed sometimes driving on flat surface moderate shaking.. What could be the reasons n how can I resolve or fix the problems

How can I clean the brake dust off my tires?

No matter how much I scrub and no matter what solution I use, my tires still have a brown coating after washing.  How can I clean my tires?

Summer tire use in winter

I just purchased a 2014 Cayman S from a dealer 70 miles from home. Will I cause damage to the summer tires if I drive it home when the temperature is below 40 degrees, and how much traction loss will I have ?  I do not plan to drive it in winter.

Bob F.

tires for 2007 Cayman S

Please advise best tires for my Cayman S for daily driving.

Wheel fit for Cayman 718

I just bought a 718 Cayman S.  It came with 20" wheels (8" wide in front and 10" wide in rear.)  Friends and enthusiasts are telling me I need to get a second set of wheels to be able to have tires for the track and tires for everyday and winter.  I found a set on the PCA classifieds but the rear wheels are 11" rims.  My car came with 10" rims.   Does anyone know if I can put the 11" rims on my car?  The offset is different so it seems most of the extra inch will be inward, not outward.

Replacement Brake Pads and Tires for 2009 Cayman


Looking for advice on replacing brake pads and tires

I bought a 2009 Cayman (base) in June 2016 with 36K miles.

i have added 4K miles in the last year, some of it on DE days and autocross.  The pads will need replacement soon and the tires later.  I believe I have OE pads and OE drilled rotors.  Rotors look good to my untrained eye.

I am looking for a compromise street and track pads and tires.  I am not interested in changing out pads or tires for an event.  

Wheels size front 19X9 et 61, 255/45/, rear 19X10 et 61, 285/40 will fit for 2007 Cayman S

A swap Panamera wheels front 19X9 et 60 with 255/45/19 tires, rear19X10 et 61, tires 285/40/19 will fit to 2007 Cayman S, will effect the performance, understeer or oversteer, or i can swap the tires to 255/35/19 front, 285/30/19 rear






my tpms shows on the dash display that i have a flat tire and will not reset.  All of the tire pressures are incorrect and show 5 to 10 pounds lower than actual.  I assume the batteries are dead in the wheels.  Can i bypass the tpms?  I check my tires frequently and don't feel like i need the system.  Thanks.


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