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911 Targa Top Care

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1978; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 155,000;

What is the best way to clean and care for the covering on my Targa top? Should I use protectant or polish of some sort to keep it black and pliable?Also, what's the best way to fold and store the top in the trunk?

Child Seat

Vehicle Information: Model: 996 Cabrio; Year: 2000; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 28000;

Has anyone been able to install a child seat (20lbs to 40lbs) forward facing in the rear seat of a 2000 911 C2 Cabrio other than the discontinued "Porsche Prince"? If so which one and how?

Convertible Top Replacement Options 1987 911 Cab

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Cabriolet; Year: 1987; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 86000;

The convertible top on my 1987 911 Cab is in need of replacement. What types of tops are recommended? I am not as concerned with it being "stock" as with having the best product.

Water Leaking

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 carrera 2; Year: 1991; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 84,000;

After washing the the car, I discovered that water had leaked onto the passenger side floor. Any suggestions on where it is coming from and the repair of same?

Targa top on '85 Carrera

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 CARRERA; Year: 1985; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 97000;

My targa top for an '85 Carrera is very difficult to attach. Once the top is installed, the seal is very good. When I purchased the car in 1995, new targa seals/weather strips had been installed on the car. How can I determine if I have the correct targa seals?

Targa top adjustment /seal replacement

Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC ; Year: 1979; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 147,143;

Targa Top Replacement

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 T targa; Year: 1972; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 107000;

A couple years back I noticed an adverisement inPano or Excellence about a replacement top thatwas solid (did not fold). I was wondering if thatproduct was still available and from whom. Any leads would be appreciated.

2002 Boxster License Plate Screw Cover

Vehicle Information: Model: Boxster S; Year: 2002; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 4800;

I purchased the genuine PORSCHE license plate frames for my Boxster S. One of the plastic screw covers (of the 4) fell off. Do you know where and how I can buy spares?

Boxster Tonneau Cover Installation

Vehicle Information: Model: Boxster; Year: 2003; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 2400;

I recently purchased a tonneau cover for the Boxter. What is involved in the installation process, and should the dealer be able to handle this? I have been led to believe that they sub this type of work out.

2003 996 TT Anti-lacerative coating (revisited)

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Twin Turbo; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 500;


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