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Removing wax from matte finish

Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 38500;

Is there a recommended way to remove wax from the matte finish on the windshield washer spray housings and the bumperettes? A body shop suggested I use a product called Black Chrome by Turtle Wax. Would this work?

re and re rear interior

Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1996; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 74,000;

I am refinishing my rear jump seats and backs to match the fronts which I just did. What is the glue I should use to reattach the seats? Household Goop?Also to remove the backs do I simply unattach both sides @ the hinges and unscrew the carpeting at the top to remove the backs entirely? BTW Surflex worked great.Thank you for your response

Exterior Door Handles

Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 20,000;

Hi John,Thanks for all you do! What do you recommend to clean and polish exterior black door handles? I have a few small scratches. What are they made from?

Cleaning tar from wheelwell liners

Vehicle Information: Model: 986S; Year: 2001; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 17000;

convertible top

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 C4; Year: 2001; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 32,000;

i have a orient red body with a gray top, i think it would look much nicer with a black top. can the top be dyed? any suggestions on having this done?

Steering Wheel

Vehicle Information: Year: 1982; Body Type: Coupe;

I have a signature wood steering wheel on my '82 911-SC by E Nardi...anyone know what its value is ? Peter

Seat Fabrics

Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Body Type: Targa;

I'm about to restore the front seats in my 911SC. It currently has standard seats with black leather. Nice, but just like every other one. I would like the Pascha checkered inserts or a red, orange, blue plaid. Do I have weird taste? Probably! I found a site online called Sitzklinik, but it's all in German, in Germany and my language skills pretty much suck. I was wondering if there is anyone here in the states that stocks or can obtain either of these fabrics?

Replace front bumber sealing strip- 1983 SC

Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Body Type: Coupe;

I wish to replace the front sealing strip that sits above the front bumper on my '83 SC. The procedure to remove the bumper was detailed in another post, but I am unclear about a few things.Do both front wheels have to come off in order to get to the screws inside the bellows? Does the lower valance have to come off separately? Any other hints would be appreciated.Thank you,Penny Wolin

windsheild replacement

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC ; Year: 1981; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 78,000+;

Is there a preferred vendor for 911 windshields?

Cabriolet Boot

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1983; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 55K;


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