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02 TT Squeaking noise

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Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 Stock; Total Mileage: 31000;

I recently purchase my 2002 996 TT (about 8 Mo.) and just recently took it to the track and drove it pretty hard. We were running approximately about 25 minute inerval and as I mentioned, I drove it pretty hard (but not red-lined it). My question is everytime the 25 minutes interval is over, as I slowly go to pit, my 996 makes a squeaking noice. My instructor has mentioned that it might me belts of the cooling fans but it only seems to do it when the turbo is really hot. As we begin the next 25 minute session, the noise disappears but as return once again from the end of 25 minutes, I hear once again. brought to the dealer the following day but they said they could not duplicate the symtoms and so they could not repair it. I'd appreciate your suggestion as to how to handle this symtoms. The car is running fine now. But I'm about to take it to the track again in a couple weeks. Help!

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