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1077 911S Tires - what is too wide?

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model: 911S; Year: 1977; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 93,138;

Do you have the January 2002 Panorama issue with the "Tire Fitment" article?If so, please post or e-mail what will fit a 1977 911S Targa.Belle Tire wants $739 for Dunlop Sport 8000's Front; 205/55 15's and Rear; 245/50 15's. I think these are far to wide to fit without scraping the narrow pre-78 wheel flairs. I am waiting to hear back from Discount Tires.Current rubber (which may already be one or two sizes up from OEM) Front; 195/65 VR 15 and Rear; 235/55 VR 15.I have phone dial/cookie cutter rims off a 1984 911(or could it be a 944?- 928's were 16" not 15") that add complexity to the issue.Is there an on-line way to access back-issues of Panorama? I am a Test Drive member, found my test drive a week ago, still waiting for the insurance to kick in before I drive (seems like a year), Cheers.

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