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1969 911E wiring - 6 pin connector ID for motor swap


Vehicle Information: Model: Porsche 911e sportomatic (converted to 70/71 5 speed); Year: 1969; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 82 3.0 SC motor - PMO carbs, electromotive ignition; Total Mileage: 95000;

Hi,I have a 1969 911E. I am in the process of I'm transplanting a 82 SC motor (which will have carbs/electromotive ignition rather than CIS and CD ignition) into a '69 911E. I have the wiring diagrams. I need help decoding the first of the four 6pin connectors on the fire wall.Here is what I have found so far:PLUG 1 Blue Alt light from regulator (?)Black/purple Tach Red/Green Oil pressure Black/Green Oil temp Green brown/grey I am not sure about the blue wire, could be the alternator gauge light from the voltage regulator.I am certain of the tach, oil pressure and oil tempernature wires. I cannot however determine the purposes of the green and the brown/grey wires. Any help you could provide would be great!Also, the car was originally a sportomatic and was converted to a 5speed (70/71 901 trans). I wonder if those wires could be related to the original transmission?Thanks!Chuck

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