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1969 911T Targa Pulls to the Right


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T soft window targa; Year: 1969; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.0 (Carrera Tensioners, bosch distributor); Total Mileage: ?? Approx 90,000 AFAIK;

My car pulls to the right while driving, to the left while braking. I'msure the left pull is an effect of differences in grab on the brakes, andI just need to take the time to sort that one out, but can't figure outthe pull to the right while driving. This started after having my reartorsion tube replaced (the original rusted apart and broke at 70 mph). Ialso had the adjustable ride height rear suspension units installed atthe same time. I've noticed that the driver's side rear ride height issignificantly easier to adjust than the passenger's side, but I've gottenthe ride heights proper. When I jack the car in front, the passengerside comes up first, and the wheels turn right as the driver's side comesoff the ground. I've had the "frame" straightness (I know it's unibody)checked and re-checked as well as the alignment, and haven't been able tofind the issue or correct it (even with a significant change to caster tocompensate). Would a difference in rear springing cause a pull asdescribed? I'm planning to replace the torsion bars, but wanted to see ifthis is likely to correct the problem. I'm also having a hard timefinding stock torsion bars - stiffer is easy to find (and cheaper), butas this car is a daily driver, and winter car, I don't think I need to gostiffer.

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