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1969T Wiring diagram - Karmann body


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T; Year: 1969; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 71 2.2T motor/E cams/Webers otherwise stock; Total Mileage: 100000+;

I cannot find a wiring diagram that matches my car. It is a Karmann bodied 69T. All of the schematics I find show 12 fuses but mine has 16. The following is a breakdown of the fuses as best as I could trace them.Mine has one 12 fuse connector and another 4 fuse connector in the trunk. I traced them all and from what I can tell the fuses are as follows: 1 - unsure 2 - Wiper/Washer 3 - Cigarette lighter, interior, clock, interior light 4 - Flashers 5 - Backup light, brake lights 6 - unsure 7 - Left turn signal 8 - Right turn signal 9 - Left high beam 10 - Right high beam 11 - Left low beam 12 - Right low beam the four position block is: 1 - Tail Lights 2 - Front parking lights 3 - License plate, trunk lights 4 - not used Do you know if where I could find a diagram for this car? Are the karmen bodied cars wired different? I have all of the manuals but none seem to have the same wiring diagram that is my car. I will note that if I follow the color code on the 69 wiring diagram I have, the colors are correct for their respective use. I am trying to track down an electrical short associated with the fuse in position 1 on the 12 position block and it would help if I knew what circuit that is for.

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