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1970 911S coupe electric windows


Vehicle Information: Model: xxx; Year: 1970; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): xxx; Total Mileage: xxx;

The passenger side electric window of my 70 911S coupe is stuck in the down position. Neither doors switch can get it to go up again. I confirmed that the switches work by putting them in the drivers side window controlthey all worked fine. I took all the interior trim off the passenger door, and I carefully cleaned all the wiring connections that meet along the bus. When attempting to raise the window with the door switches, on the bottom of the electric motor I can feel a small shaft begin to move, but it only moves a fraction before it stops. This leads me to believe that part of the motor is being energized, but for some reason it doesnt move normally. What should I look at next? If the motor is bad, is a motor out of a newer 911 a direct replacement?

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