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1972 911T Alternator Problem


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 t; Year: 1972; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4 mfi ; Total Mileage: 110k;

Recently, I replaced the altenator in my car. I took the altenator to alocal shop where the rebuild was done and returned to me within twoweeks. In addition, based on the advice of a friend, I decided to replacethe batteries and the voltage regulator. The entire removal/replacementprocess took two days and was quite fun. Unfortunately, I am experiencinga minor problem. At high rpms, the warning light comes on. I pulled thealtenator and reinstalled it. No problem with the connections. I also hada bench test done at the shop so there is no problem there. The batteriesare Porsche which I bought from my local dealer. I am guessing it is thevoltage regulator. I purchased it through the shop. It did look quite"right". If I remove the vr, the light goes off, but comes back on after20 minutes of highway time or 10 minutes of high rpms. Should I purchasea new one? What could be the problem? In addition, I should inform youthat I replaced these electrical components because the polarity wasreversed. I reversed the jumper cables one evening after leaving myparking lights on.

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