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1972 911T Webbers


Vehicle Information: Model: 911t; Year: 1972; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.o with webbers 40mm; Total Mileage: 8k on rebuild 200k on rest of body;

This is a follow up to my last question, I found where the throttle was stuck. It was at the pedal believe it or not, the linkage got stuck behind/under the metal console where the linkages are hidden for the pedals. I assumed it was the butterfly because of what I was told about webber carbs. My next qustion is two part; first I think the cable was stretched because now I am only getting about half throttle at the pedal, where should I adjust from? The pedel or the cable under the car (bell). And my second question is a bigger one, did I make a mistake removing the all to reliable CIS and installing the webbers? I was led to believe I would get alot more power with the carbs. I came to find out that I get a little more off the line but lose some top end. Now I have running conditions that I had with the mechanical injection of the 2.4. Rough starts popping and more of an all or nothing throttle, whereas the CIS was silky smooth and started perfect everytime just a dog off the line. Sorry to be so long winded but I feel I need to include some history as well. I have owed this car since 1982 after purchasing it from my father who was tired of climbing in it (he was 6 '4"). It has been garage kept since my father bought it with 70K on it(2nd owner) and it had 156k when I got it with the origional engine. It now just turned 200,000 miles, I have had a 3.0 in for about 3 years and just recently switched to the webbers. Thanks again

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