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1973 911T Altenator light not on


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 T; Year: 1973; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4 standard; Total Mileage: 140,000 ;

Yet again your advise has solved the problem! Faulty speed relay! Thanks. However, when driving last night, the car cut out completely. It was weird in that it felt as though the key had been turned off. On the dash, i had all the gauges working, power as normal and the altenator light on as you would expect. When i turned the key off it all went out, as you would expect. I tried to start it (having lifted the lid to have a look) when a puff of smoke came from the left hand side electrical circuit area by the engine. Upon closer inspection, an earth wire running from the ignition trigger unit to the fan housing ( there is a splitter that allows it to run to the fan housing while this extra bit of earth wire hangs loose)had come into contact with the 3 fuses on the side of the engine compartment. I secured it and the car started and ran fine. However, the altenator light never comes on any more and when you turn the ignition key to 'off'the car keeps running!! I checked the voltage over the battery and it was 12v when the car was off and 14.2v when the car was running so am i right to assume that the altenator is still working. All my books talk of a shut off solenoid (start & stop)for these fuses as well as the rear window de fogger. Any ideas as to what needs to be done to rectify the problem? Thanking you in advance, yours Rich Waller

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