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1973 RS Details


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 T; Year: 1973; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4 S; Total Mileage: 89 K;

I recently purchased a 1973T that has been converted to S specs and campaigned for many years as a club racer in F stock.I would like to refurbish the car and use it in PCA track events.As I look forward to engine rebuild time I am thinking about updating to the 73 RS touring specifications. My understanding is that near the end of the production run they were being produced on the same production line as the standard 911S to keep up with production requirements. The research I have done to date is inconclusive on several points.Did the 73 RS Touring come with 7" front and 8" read wheels?Did it come with a factory installed strut tower brace?Was there a front mounted oil cooler? What type and mounting configuration?My understanding is that there was an option for raised front spindles. Can you confirm this? How far was the spindle raised from stock? I understand these were Bilstein parts. Where could I get the part number?On the rear suspension, my understanding is that the RS came with shortened aluminum rear trailing arms and modified pick up points. Is this true? Is it true for the touring version? If true, are these the same trailing arms and pickup points as used on the early 911 Turbo?On the interior, did the RS touring have a full interior? I have seen door panels advertised in Pano. I have seen pictures of a restored RS with regular door panels. Which is correct? Did the RS come with rear seats or just carpeting. I have heard that the headliner was felt, glued on. Is that true? Did any of the RS models come with a sunroof?The 73RS came with fender flares. Are they unique to this car or are they the same as another model?

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