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1974 911 interior light-Targa


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1974; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 158000;

i just purchased a 1974 911 Targa. Very nice! There are, however several "electrical" items that do not work, such as the interior light, fog lights, cig lighter, and possibly more.My question is regarding the interior light. Considering the 3-position switch (one of which is on),, should I expect to find one wire with +12vdc and the other with ground potential? One is 12v but the other is open with respect to ground. Also, again, this is a new purchase and at this point I have not purchased any repair manuals. Could you also make a recommendation as to which are the best (i'm sure the factory ones are, but prob very $$), so what's the next "best" ?It's not likely I'll do any major engine rebuild, so just general info and a GOOD wiring diag with a basic troubleshooting guide.Thanks for your help....I'm excited about the purchase, and expect many happy "tinkering" days in my future!marion....

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