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1976 911S 2.7 Engine Upgrade


Vehicle Information: Model: 911S; Year: 1976; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 110000;

The valves on my 911 go out of adjustment earlier than the 15000suggested adjustment schedule and are louder than my mechanic says theyshould be. Under hard acceleration, the car leaves a trail of somethinglike "brown" and or "whitish" smoke in 1st and 2nd gears. The car hasbeen immaculately maintained since new and I trust my mechanic's advisewhen he says I need an engine rebuild or at least major work on the valveguides. The engine has not been abused, period. So, he does not expect tofind unusual internal damage. But he says we'll say when we get inside. Iwould like to increase HP 40-50 DIN and commensurate torque with the sameengine (actually looking to improve 1-100 KPH to lower 6 sec range). I amhard pressed to find any articles that have much good to say about theengine or how to increase its performance. The consensus seems to bereplace it with aluminum. Get rid of magnesium. Here's the request: Iwould like your suggestions of how to improve the performance of thisengine without sacrificing reliability or fuel economy too much. Can yougive me specific recommendations, ie. cylinders, C/R, valve timing, thatwill yield my goals? Is this realistic with this engine? Mechanic says wecan increase 100 HP and not loose reliability. Do you agree? Can this bedone for $7-$8000?

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