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1976 Tire Selection with Pedrinis

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1976; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1973 2.0 modivied to approx 2056; Total Mileage: 28,800 (no representations);

My 914 project is almost completed. I need to replace the wheels and possibly the tires as the Riveras in the rear do not fit (please do not say "I told you so", I saw your prior reply to this issue only last evening) and the Kumho's are virtually sitting on the inside of the rear fender wells.I currently have Kumho 195/60/15 on all four corners with Bilstein shocks, 100 lbs springs and a 19 mm Weltmeister front sway bar. The remainder of the suspension is stock.I am planning on replacing the Riveras with powder coated (white) Pedrinis. My question relates to tire size.Can I continue to use the 195/60/15s? Can I go to a larger size such as a 205/65/15? Any suggestion as to brand? If I keep the 195/60/15s on the front can I go to a Kumho 205/60 or 65/15 on the rear assuming that the tread design is the same as the front?Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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