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1977 924 car Idles for 10 seconds and then idles rough

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (type, size, modifications): Inline 4, liquid cooled, 1900cc, no modifications; Total Mileage: 125,000 approx;

I purchased this auto used. It sat for about 5 years and had not been started. I have replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, dist. cap, rotor, fuel pump and fuel filter and flushed the fuel system out as best as possible. It will start and run for about 10 seconds on all four cylinders and then it will begin to idle very rough like it is only running on one or two cylinders. I will shut the engine off, restart the engine and it does the same thing all over again. Is this a fuel problem or an electrical problem?

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