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1977 engine stalls while driving


Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0; Total Mileage: 34000;

Being a Porsche owner for a year now has left me with several questions - I hope you don't mind... My car has 34,000 miles on it and it is completely stock. And as you well know, an awesome ride!Recently I was driving my 1977 930 going up the 1/2 mile dirt driveway at low speed. I have done this many, many times. This time, it stalled as if it was out of gas; tank was almost full. I felt a major reduction in power, and then it just stopped running. I tried to start the engine several times with no success. I let it sit several minutes then tried to start it again and it fired up! I drove it the rest of the way home. Any ideas what it going on? Needless to say, because it has been running flawlessly since I bought it a year ago, my confidence in taking it on a long trip is now wavering! I recently read a tech article with a similar experience; however, theirs seemed electrically (alternator/charging) related. The radio was on and never stopped operating and the engine had strong cranking power as normal.Operating the 930 in Montana at 5,000 to 8,000 feet (I live at 6700') the engine will oscillate from 100 to 1500 RPM after restating it when warm; it stabilizes at 900 after about a minute. I can stop the oscillations by using the throttle to control it. Is this normal? I also experience fairly high operating temperatures when driving - normally in the 220 to 245 degree range at 60 to 80 degree ambient outside temperatures. Is this "normal" for a stock 1977 930, and am I harming the motor in any way? I get very concerned at those high numbers from everything I've read. I run Valvoline Racing 20-50 because of an article stating some oils have higher resistance to heat and "coking" in the turbo lines than Mobil 1. I ran Mobil 1 15-50 for a while (with no leaking) then switched because of the article.If a trombone cooler replacement is in order to keep the temps under control, what is your #1 recommendation? My primary interest is to keep this vehicle stock as long as it is for the long-term benefit of the vehicle. I'd like to drive this one for a long time and only want what best for it for the long run.It is interesting to me that with the history of the 930 in America, information is not more readily available. I am fairly handy as a "weekend" mechanic and am constantly looking for information specific to the 930 - just to learn more about it if for any reason at all. Are you aware of information sources specific to this vehicle? Many sources walk around the 930, however, I have not found anything directly addressing the 1977 930 itself. I have used and abused the 101 Projects book, which I find an excellent resource. A similar book on the early 30's would be a great help!I really appreciate having a source for information - this Tech Section. I look forward to your response.

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