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1978 911 SC stock muffler for SC conversion


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1978; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 185000;

I have 1974 style SSI exhaust system with a Bursch muffler installed on my 78 SC. In the interest of quieting down I have purchased, at a swap meet, a NOS Leistritz Muffler which I was told was a 1974. Upon removing my Bursch to install the stock muffler I found that the inlets would not line up. It would require cutting the inlets, repositioning and welding them back on. I first assumed that the SSI heater boxes may have been Bursch specific but after taking a close look at the muffler it appears to be for an older car. The part# reads 901 111 011 11/08 72. I assume that the last four numbers are the date of mfg. Can you tell me what car this is for? It is in perfect condition and I would rather re-sell than cut for my daily driver. If I did decide to modify for my car would it function properly?

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