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1978 911SC Brake Warning Light


Vehicle Information: Model: 911sc; Year: 1978; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 118361;

I submitted a question on 11/11/2002 if you could re-read for background (its posted). Alan gave me great direction and I secured a copy of the article about the brake warning lights from the August 99, Panorama. I have gone back and replaced both switches on the master, adjusted the parking brake handle and cleaned the ground connection. I also removed and replaced the grounding strap (tranny to chassis) Still the light activates when only in reverse! I was trying something last night and stumbbled across this though...when I roll the car in reverse not in gear I have no light activation (tapping the brakes lightly) Place the car in reverse gear, tap the brakes and the light activates, roll back in any other gear with clutch engaged, light taps on the brake pedal and no activation of the dash light! Could this be a ground of the reverse switch causing the dash light to activate? It seems logical since the ground wires from the brake lights and the reverse lights appear to be shared in the Porsche schematics. I have spent much time and money trying to fix this annoying light and before replacing the reverse switch ($60.00) I would like to see what you thought or if this has ever come up with anyone else.

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