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1979 911SC Flywheel Pilot Bearing


Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Body Type: Coupe;

I have a 1979 911SC, VIN 9119200028 and I recently pulled my Engine & Transmission so I could have and Gary Fairbanks rebuild the transmission. I had found a 1 inch piece of metal attached to my magnetic drain plug. While everything is out I am replacing / upgrading a number of items. One is using a lightened flywheel that requires that I use an early flywheel pilot bearing. How do I know if I have an early pilot bearing? From the Pelican Parts listing the early one (pre 1980) only shows roller bearings while the 1980+ one shows a whole housing? Pelican Parts cant help.The car is a 1979 and I believe it is an early 1979, but I wouldnt be surprised if things were changed. I have found out with the trany, there was work done previously, (sloppy at that Gary found that the slider between 1st and 2nd was put in backward and it caused 1st to loose teeth and 2nd to have rounded teeth (expensive dental work), and the piece of metal an inch long by 1/4 of an inch wide I found when I drained the fluid. Gary feels it was probably left in from the earlier rebuild because he did not find any parts missing pieces.

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