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1979 turbo failure and replacement issues


Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 88,000;

I have 1979 930 with suspected turbo failure. The car itself has 88,000 miles and the original engine was rebuilt 5 years ago at 83000 miles. The problem was first noticed when on shut down there was a small exhaust fire, emediately restarting the car put the fire out but the engine has smoked on and off since, it also now suffers from high oil consumption. Inspection has revealed the engine appears unharmed and healthy. The low pressure side of the compressor is reasonably clean and dry, the high pressure side of the compresor is oil soaked, as well as the inside of the intercooler. Looking down into the intake manifold I see it also is oil soaked. The turbine side is dry. The tubes leading from the intercooler to the auxiliary air valves continue to be dry. The line feeding the wastegate is wet.Cleaning everything up restores a smoke free ride for 50 miles or so then the smoke returns. Everything is soaked again. I plan on replacing the K27 turbo with a new one. I noticed the oil collection container doesn't appear to be original, there is no vent line provision on it and the fitting on the air breather housing has been plugged. Should I replace the container with one with a breather tube? Could the lack of a vent been the reason oil defeated the turbocharger seals?The oil supply pipe to the turbo appears to be different as well. Instead of a threaded connection 6" or so back from the turbo, there is a section of hose spliced in. Could this splice have been necessary when the K27 upgrade was first installed? And finally, It is straightford to clean the intercooler but the intake manifold is tougher. Should the manifold be similarly cleaned? regards,ray

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