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1981 911 SC aftermarket Turbo set-up


Vehicle Information: Model: 911sc; Year: 1981; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 95,000;

I have recently aquired a turbo system for the 3.0 CIS motor. This system uses a Rajay turbocharger, custom silicone couplers for the CIS system, and requires a 930 stock or aftermarket muffler. Oil feed for the turbo is supplied by splicing into the cam line and oil return is accomplished by welding an AN fitting to the left cam cover and fitting the appropriate line from the turbo. Boost pressure is controlled not with a wastegate but with an adjustable blow-off-valve. I have seen this system on other cars that have been on the internet for sale but have yet to find out a clear story of where these kits came from. I planned on setting the Blow-off-valve at around 5 p.s.i and tune from there. Do you know of the limitations of turbocharging a stock US spec. SC motor? I was considering water-injection to lower intake temps, any thoughts on this approach vs. intercooling? I was also considering the boost sensitive/adjustable MSD ignition for tuning and safety (detonation). I have really been searching for anyone who has experience with these systems, and any information would be greatly appreciated.

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