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1981 911SC Alignment


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1981; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 91,000;

I have checked the height of my suspension by measuring through thecenter of each wheel from ground to top dead center of the wheel well,while the car is on level ground. Standard height is supposed to be25.5" front, 25" rear, and level from front to rear at standstill issupposed to be slightly front down. My car measures at 25" front, 23.75"rear, slightly front up. On driving, the front end does seem to lack gripon hard cornering, exhibits heavy understeer, and lacks grip in the wet.I have new Toyo tires front and rear (front is 205x55x16, rear is225x50x16). The suspension is stock and, but for a few new shockabsorbers of unknown brand, is original. The car has the Bilstein factoryupgrade option available with the car in 1981. Both front lower balljoints haverecently been replaced.My question. I want to make the suspension as sporting and firm aspossible, with accuracy. I want to arrange the suspension to give meoptimum performance driving potential. I do not know what steps I gothrough to do this. I am considering heavier sway bars and a towerbrace, for overall stiffness, but am concerned about the overallsuspension. Ultimately, I would like to have the suspension balanced andcar aligned. I suspect I will have to correct aspects of the currentsetup, based on the above measurements. I think the car is sitting toolow at the rear. Based on the above, what steps do I go through, and whatcorrections do I make, to achieve my stated objective? If there areparts I should look to add or replace, please give me some idea of whatthese are.

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