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1981 911SC Windshield Wipers Won't Park


Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC; Year: 1981; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: About 160,000;

I'm a bit frustrated with a windshield wiper problem. The wipers havedecided not to return to the park position, and the intermittent wiperfunction doesn't work at all. I've checked the intermittent switch in thedash and it shows good on/off as well as variable resistance. I'vereplaced the relay/intermittent control unit under the ventilation fan (areal treat to get to, I might add.) I checked the wiper motor. It runsfine. I also checked the sensor/contact unit on the wiper motor that Ipresume tells the motor when to turn off and park. There was greasecovering the contact disc (white nylon wheel with three metallic contactrings) which I cleaned off; the contacts seem to ride on each of thethree metallic strips. About the only component left that I haven'tchecked is the windshield wiper switch on the steering column, although Ican't really figure out how a bad switch could keep the motor fromparking. Any suggestions? Also, is alignment of the contact disc with aspecific "park" position of the motor a critical element?

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